Ladders & Openings Safety Gates

    OSHA safety gates and guardrails provide fall protection for ladder openings. Ladder safety gate kits are ready to install out of box and available in choice of colors.

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    Mezzanine Safety Gates

    OSHA mezzanine safety gates protect pallet and material receiving openings. Platform space challenges are overcome with vertical or horizontal opening safety gates.

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    Loading Dock Safety Gates

    OSHA safety gates & guardrails provide fall protection for loading docks. Safety gate kits options include vertical and horizontal opening with choice of colors.

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    Ladders & Openings Safety Gates

    This safety gate is a self-closing, dual gate system designed to fit existing mezzanine racks. Simply forklift palletized material through the gates and back away. Protects personnel from dangerous falls.

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Additional Information about Industrial Safety Gates

OSHA mandates that every elevated platform and ladderway floor opening be guarded by a standard railing on all exposed sides, except at the entrance to the opening. A safety gate must be installed at the entrance so that a worker does not walk directly into the opening, accidentally, and fall off the platform. Industrial safety gates are ideal for protecting walkways, stair/ladder access points, restricted areas, roof hatches, and any other openings. Workers will be able to access these areas easily. If there is no opening and no gate, a worker will find it very difficult to access the specific work area. Also, moving equipment will be very difficult. If there is an opening but no safety gate, then there is the constant risk of a worker walking into the opening and falling down.

A self-closing industrial safety gate will automatically close behind the worker. A worker who is carrying equipment or any work tools will not have to turn back and close the door and thus risk the equipment/work tools slipping off his/her hands and causing any damage. A worker who is carrying something heavy will not have to put it down, close the door, and then lift it again. There is also the risk of a worker forgetting to close the safety gate behind him/her and another worker walking into the opening and falling down. In effect, an industrial safety gate will allow workers to work without any distraction/restriction. This will help to improve productivity.

Different companies have different requirements. Industrial safety gates come in a variety of sizes and finishes. They are available for horizontal and vertical openings. Horizontal industrial safety gates are ideal for warehousing, pallet racking, and packaging and picking areas. You have the option to choose a manual gate or an automatic gate. Automatic ones come with activation sensors, wireless control, and warning horns. Dual safety gates provide increased safety. When one gate is open, the other will remain closed. So, even if a worker forgets to close the door behind him/her, there is no chance for another worker to accidentally walk into the opening and falling off.

Ladders and openings gate, mezzanine safety gates, loading dock safety gates, and pallet rack safety gates are the type of industrial safety gates offered by CAI Safety Systems.

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