Industrial Safety Gates

OSHA mezzanine safety gates protect pallet and material receiving openings.
Platform space challenges are overcome with vertical or horizontal opening safety gates.

CAI Safety’s OSHA compliant safety gates and guardrails are intended for fall protection at ladder openings and leading edges.
Ladder safety gate kits are ready to install and available in choice of colors and finishes.

When floor space is tight, the Cantilever Gates and Mounted Guardrails are the best fall protection solutions.
The OSHA compliant loading dock systems address your loading dock, shipping pits & overhead door safety needs.

At CAI Safety, we offer a range of industrial safety gates ranging from ladder openings, mezzanines to loading dock safety gates. Our ladder opening gates are self-closing and available in a variety of sizes and finishes. The mezzanine industrial safety gates are available in vertical and horizontal opening options to accommodate your space requirements. We also offer the mezzanine gates with manual and automated operation features. Our loading dock gates range from the fixed to the portable counterweight options.

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