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Bus Fall Protection

Bus / RV
Bus Fixed Overhead System
Fixed Overhead System
CAI Safety provides building mounted fall arrest horizontal lifeline systems for your bus safety needs. Custom engineered horizontal lifelines provide continuous fall arrest coverage for assembly and maintenance applications. Our bus bay systems are OSHA and ANSI compliant.
Swing-Arm / Fold-Away
Swing-Arm / Fold-Away System
The Swing Arm System for bus allows fall protection with no limitation to overhead crane use. When the swing arm system is not in use it is positioned in the stowed position to allow full operation of the overhead crane. The system is OSHA Compliant.
Portable Counterweight Anchors
Counterweight Anchors
Portable Counterweight Anchors such as single anchors and horizontal lifelines for bus and RV fall protection. OSHA compliant, portable and rated for fall arrest.
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Our OSHA compliant Horizontal Lifelines, Anchors and Portable Systems can be used to provide fall protection for a variety of Bus applications. We offer a full range of fall arrest systems including building mounted, swing arm, mobile and freestanding systems. We have a proven track record of providing Bus Fall Protection solutions for companies in the manufacturing, repair, maintenance, and testing industries.

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