Counterweight Horizontal Lifeline

Counterweight Horizontal Lifeline

When accessing a large span the Portable Counterweight Horizontal Lifeline System equipped with a track and trolley keeps the anchor point directly above the user for safety by reducing the possibility of a swing fall. Ideal for hopper and grain car applications.

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The Counterweight Freestanding Fall Arrest System is equipped with a rigid rail track, counterweight anchors and trolleys. The system can be positioned close to the application using a forklift.


Versatile solution such as this one can be used for outdoor or indoor fall protection needs. The Rigid track should be positioned directly over work area for maximum coverage.

By using a forklift you can position the unit by utilizing the front and side forklift pockets.

This system is rated for two users in fall arrest mode. Included with the system is two of each: self-retracting lifelines, trolleys and one rigid track up to 50 feet in length.

Counterweight Concrete Blocks provide the required support as an innovative and cost effective alternative to constructing expensive foundations.

CAI’s portable counterweight horizontal lifeline system is designed for outdoor industrial use with heavy duty steel base, grade 8 hardware and an all-aluminum rigid track.

Customer specified counterweight options offer industry solutions at every corner. Our custom design team is always available to meet your unique and specific fall protection needs. Onsite assembly, certification and training are available upon request.

Capacity310 lbs. (141 kg)
Sub BrandFlexiGuard
Install TypeTemporary/Portable
Number Of UsersTwo
iSafe EquippedYes
LabelMylar with Laminate
Physical Weight5000.00 lbs (2268.0kg)
Product StylesMobile Fixed Height
Product TypesCounterweighted System
StandardsOSHA 1926.502, ANSI Z359.6, Capital Safety Gen. Mfg. Req.
Item # (SKU)DescriptionWeight (lbs.)Shipping
Concrete weights not included
CSS-8517760Counterweighted system with 22 ft. (6.7m) anchor height and 32 ft. (9.8m) rail, concrete weights not included5,200CAI Arranged Shipping
CSS-8517762Counterweighted system with 22 ft. (6.7m) anchor height and 42 ft. (12.8m) rail, concrete weights not included5,330CAI Arranged Shipping
Concrete weights included
CSS-8517761Counterweighted system with 22 ft. (6.7m) anchor height and 32 ft. (9.8m) rail, concrete13,200CAI Arranged Shipping
CSS-8517763Counterweighted system with 22 ft. (6.7m) anchor height and 42 ft. (12.8m) rail, concrete13,330CAI Arranged Shipping