Aircraft/Hangar, Bus/RV, Crane Rail, Fixed Ladders, Loading Dock, Mezzanine, Railcar, Roof & Leading Edge, Truck/Flatbed, Water Tank/Reservoir, and more...
Access Stairs, Anchor Points, Guardrails, Ladder Fall Arrest, Platform/Gangway, Portable Ladders, Safety Gates, Hatch & Skylight Systems, Warning Lines, and more...
Fall Protection Inspection
If you have a fall protection system that requires a full body harness and tying off to an anchor or horizontal lifeline, it’s crucial to adhere to strict inspection, use, and maintenance requirements.
Safety Training & Services
Competent Person Training, Authorized Person Training, Train the Trainer, Site Survey & Assessment, Custom Manufacturing, Site Installation, Annual Inspection & Repair,
Fall Protection Store
Check pricing, compare, and purchase OSHA and ANSI complaint fall protection systems based on your requirement. We have a seamless order process from purchase to delivery.
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Fall Protection | Fall Arrest | Fall Restraint Systems

CAI Safety Systems, Inc. (CAISS) provides Fall Protection, Fall Arrest, and Fall Restraint safety solutions for your business. We also provide Custom Engineered Safety Systems and solutions that are tailored to your fall protection safety requirements. Our safety solutions meet or exceed OSHA, ANSI, Cal-OSHA and WA-OSHA compliance for fall protection, arrest, and fall restraint systems.

Our Services include Site Assessment, Engineering, Manufacturing, Assembly, Installation, Fall Protection Training, and Annual Inspections. CAI Safety’s in-house turnkey fall protection service capabilities mean quality and consistency is maintained throughout your project. We have experience in providing fall protection many industries including aerospace, food processing, mining, transportation, energy, chemical, entertainment, manufacturing, construction, and more.

Fall Protection Applications

Fall Protection Systems

Fall Protection Training & Services

OSHA Walking-Working Surface Compliance

CAI Safety Systems has over a twenty year track record of helping companies like yours comply with OSHA and ANSI standards including the 2017 Walking-Working Surface Regulation.

Aluminum Non-penetrating Modular Guardrails

The intent of OSHA’s Walking-Working Surfaces standard, 29 CFR Part 1910, Subpart D & I, is to increase the protection of general industry employees and employers from hazards associated with walking-working surfaces. Systems included are maybe for Fall Protection, Fall Arrest, or Fall Restraint solutions.

The rulemaking will significantly reduce the number of worker deaths and injuries that occur each year resulting from workplace slip, trip, and fall hazards.

The final rule was published on November 18, 2016, and became effective on January 17, 2017.

Placing An Order Is Seamless

Our design team works around the clock to make it easy to place your order online. From choosing a fall protection, fall arrest, or fall restraint safety system to placing an order with us, we provide a seamless and informational process right up until your system is delivered to you.

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