Aluminum Non-penetrating Guardrails

Aluminum Non-penetrating Guardrails

Our Aluminum Non-penetrating Guardrails provide a portable or permanent fall protection system for leading edges. Systems can be designed for any roof or building structure per OSHA requirements.

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Guardrail Type
Total Length of System (ft.)
90° Corners
Adjustable Corners (other than 90°)
Open Ends (Freestanding)
Open Ends (Wall Mounted)
Safety Gate
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Our Aluminum Non-penetrating Guardrails provide a portable or permanent fall protection system for leading edges. The guardrail systems are customizable for added versatility and provide passive fall protection for the user, incorporating the durability and reliability needed to get the job done and are aesthetically pleasing for any building type.

The Aluminum Non-penetrating Guardrails act as rooftop railings and are non-penetrating to prevent roof leakage. The guardrail roof railing solutions are designed to be easily assembled on the roof surface without penetrating the roof membrane. Systems can be designed for any roof or building structure per OSHA requirements.

Comprising straight, curved or inclined aluminium uprights, with top and knee rails, all connected via a clamping system to allow fast assembly and accurate level adjustment. No requirement for drilling, the system is mounted directly on the platform.

Complies with requirements of EN 13374 and EN ISO 14122-3, section 8.2, and conforms to European Directive 2001/45/CE.

Finish: Brushed Aluminum, Weather Resistant

Fall Protection Challenge

When you need a fall protection system to protect roof leading edges and openings a fixed guardrail system may not be an option. Fixed systems require roof penetrations that are expensive to waterproof and do increase the possibility of future roof leaks.

Fall Protection Solution

A non-penetrating aluminum guardrail system will allow you to implement a passive fall protection system without roof penetrations. In addition the system can be cut and fitted onsite without the use of special tools for a custom finish.


  • Guardrail solution for all types of roofs
  • Lightweight aluminum guardrail is 30% lighter than traditional steel guardrail
  • Guardrail designed for quick installation
  • Three style options – straight, curved, and folding guardrail (freestanding only)
  • System can withstand maximum 110 mph winds (without toeboards) and 75 mph winds (with toeboards)
  • Finish: Weather resistant Brushed Aluminum
  • Attractive and aesthetically pleasing guardrail
  • Guardrail system does not require an annual inspection
  • Meets all OSHA guardrail standards

!! CAUTION !! This is a fall protection system. The system must be used in strict conformance with the manufacturer's instructions. Failure to do so may result in serious injury or death. You can download the system manuals from the 'Downloads' tab. You are also encouraged to contact us in case of any questions. more info


Aluminum Modular Guardrails - Straight Upright Aluminum Modular Guardrails - Curved Upright Aluminum Modular Guardrails - Folding Upright
Straight Upright
A simple but traditional design which fits in perfectly with the clean lines and angles of a building. The straight upright system is particularly suitable for protection at access points and demarcation of walkways.
Curved Upright
The curved upright system reinforces the design of a building and is an aesthetic addition to a structure. This solution also keeps people further from the roof edge, giving a greater level of safety.
Folding Upright
The folding upright folds away or collapses. The appearance of your building is minimized and your guardrail is visible only when it is needed.
(Additional fall protection is advised, in form of single anchor points for example, to safely fold out the guardrail system when it’s needed)




Aluminum Modular Guardrails - Total Length of System Aluminum Modular Guardrails - 90° Corners Aluminum Modular Guardrails - Adjustable Corners
Total Length of System (in ft.)
This is the total span of your system from start to end. Minimum length is 5.75 ft.
90° Corners
To bend the guardrail system at a 90 degree angle. If no selection is made, corner piece will not be included.
Adjustable Corners
Number of adjustable corners other than 90 degrees. If no selection is made, corner piece will not be included.




Aluminum Modular Guardrails - Open Terminated Ends  Aluminum Modular Guardrails - Wall End Termination Aluminum Modular Guardrails - Safety Gate
Open Ends (Freestanding)
Number of open ends that require to be closed with a finishing kit. One closure bend is used to finish one end. If no selection is made, brackets will not be included.
Open Ends (Wall Mounted)
Number of open ends that require to be closed with a Wall Mounted finishing kit. One finishing kit includes two wall termination pieces used to secure the toprail & midrail to the wall using M5 screws. If no selection is made, mounts will not be included.
Safety Gate
Gate fitted between two uprights and used as an access door. If no selection is made, safety gate will not be included.


Aluminum Modular Guardrails - Toeboards
Toeboards are necessary when there is no parapet on the roof.


  • Uprights and Base Plates must be placed at a maximum required distance of 5.75 feet (69 inches or 1.75 meters) or less.
  • Four base plates (100 lbs. per upright) must be used with each upright to comply with OSHA regulations (see picture below)
  • The Aluminum Guardrail system can be used on roof slopes up to a 10° pitch.
  • Assuming ground level 65ft. above sea level, building 65ft. high, and 65ft. frontal area of system, the system can withstand maximum 110 mph winds (without toeboards) and 75 mph winds (with toeboards). This does not take into account other regional or environmental adjustment factors. If your conditions fall outside the CAI designated parameters, contact us prior to proceeding.
  • Finishing Kits are included based on the number of Finishing Ends you choose for your system. Please include the number of finishing ends in your selection.
  • The Aluminum Guardrail Toeboard is supplied ready to fit and attaches to the outer side of each upright post. Each length 9.8 ft. (3 m) is connected be a preassembled connecting bracket and should be riveted in place.
Aluminum Modular Guardrails - System Components Includes:

  • Straight Uprights / Curved Uprights / Folding Uprights
  • Counterweight Bases
  • Handrails & Midrails – 9′ 8″ (3 meters)
  • Rail Joints
  • 90° Corners (if chozen)
  • Adjustable Corners (if chozen)
  • Finishing End Brackets (if chozen)
  • Finishing Wall Termination (if chozen)
  • Single Counterweight Fixing Kit
  • Double Counterweight Fixing Kit
  • Safety Gate (if chozen)
  • Toeboards 150mm – 9′ 8″ (3 meters) (if chozen)
  • Toeboard Clamp Brackets
  • Toeboard Corner Connectors
  • Rivet / Installation Kit (100 rivets 3mm x 15mm + Drill Bit)

If you are trying to decide between a Horizontal Lifeline System on your roof versus a Non-penetrating Guardrail System, consider the following:

Non-penetrating Guardrails
Aluminum Non-penetrating Guardrails
Horizontal Lifeline & Anchors
CAI Safety Roof Horizontal Lifeline Anchor
Engineering must verify that your building structure can support the fall arrest loads. NOT REQUIRED REQUIRED
Roof penetration and sealing to accommodate anchors. NOT REQUIRED REQUIRED
Installation by a certified installer of horizontal lifelines. NOT REQUIRED REQUIRED
Training all employees who use the horizontal lifeline system. NOT REQUIRED REQUIRED
Annual inspections required on all fall arrest systems (semi-annual if in California). NOT REQUIRED REQUIRED

Non-penetrating guardrail systems have many advantages over horizontal lifelines. There are exceptions and we will be glad to discuss them with you.

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