Roof Skylight Fall Protection

Working around unprotected roof skylights and floor openings is a major fall protection hazard that can be safely protected with our Roof Skylight Systems.
These systems have a freestanding, non-penetrating design that allows you to easily implement OSHA fall protection coverage for your roof skylight applications.

Fixed Dome Skylight Screens

Fixed Roof Dome Skylight Screens

Skylight Cover Guard

Non-penetrating Skylight Cover Guard

Skylight Guardrail

Non-penetrating Skylight Guardrail

Skylight Screens for Metal Roofs

Skylight Screens for Corrugated Metal Roofs

Roof Hatch Fall Protection

The Roof Hatch Safety Systems is a full guardrail system with a self-closing safety gate and grab bars.
Available in non-penetrating and fixed options the roof hatch safety systems provide OSHA compliant fall protection.

Roof Hatch Guard

Roof Non-penetrating Hatch Guard

Roof Non-penetrating Hatch Guardrail

Roof Non-penetrating Hatch Guardrail

Roof Hatch Guardrail

Roof Hatch Fixed Guardrail System

At CAI Safety, we offer a range of roof hatch systems as well as skylight safety systems to protect the user from falling through. All skylight and hatch safety systems are available in various sizes to accommodate your application requirements. These systems are offered in non-penetrating or permanent solutions. All hatch and skylight safety systems are OSHA compliant.