Non-penetrating Skylight Cover Guard

Non-penetrating Skylight Cover Guard

The Non-penetrating Skylight Cover Guard is simply placed over the top of the skylight. Four rubber-tipped compression bolts secure the guard against the curb of the skylight to hold it in place. There are no mechanical penetrations in the skylight or roof to hold this skylight guard in place.

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Installing an OSHA-compliant guard on rooftop skylights doesn’t get any easier than this. The Non-penetrating Skylight Cover Guard is simply placed over the top of the skylight. Four rubber-tipped compression bolts secure the guard against the curb of the skylight to hold it in place. There are no mechanical penetrations in the skylight or roof to hold this skylight guard in place. In 10 minutes, you can have this system fully installed.

Don’t be fooled by lighter-duty skylight guards on the market. OSHA states that the guard must not deflect sufficiently to touch the lens of the skylight should someone fall on the guard. Our robust construction insures that the guard will not contact the skylight lens under a load condition. In fact, this skylight guard not only meets federal OSHA guidelines — which require a 200 lb. load capacity — but also complies with Cal OSHA guidelines, which require guards capable of supporting a 400 lb. load.

When to use this guarding solution:

The Skylight Cover Guard will work great for skylights ranging from 3′ x 3′ to 7.5′ x 10′ with a height of up to 30″.


  • No drilling, welding, or mounting required.
  • Powder-coated steel construction prevents falls AND prevents breakage of skylight glass.
  • One piece design makes installation quick and easy.
  • Offers hail protection against large hailstones.
  • Custom sizes and colors available.
  • Available in galvanized.

Measure the actual length and width of your skylight and then use the pull down menu at the top of this page to size a fall protection cover for your skylight.

Skylight Cover Guard - Sizing Your Skylight

SKU #Dimensions of Skylight (W x L)SKU #Dimensions of Skylight (W x L)
SRC-SCG-30-3030 W x 30 LSRC-SCG-30-7830 W x 78 L
SRC-SCG-36-3036 W x 30 LSRC-SCG-36-7836 W x 78 L
SRC-SCG-42-3042 W x 30 LSRC-SCG-42-7842 W x 78 L
SRC-SCG-48-3048 W x 30 LSRC-SCG-48-7848 W x 78 L
SRC-SCG-54-3054 W x 30 LSRC-SCG-54-7854 W x 78 L
SRC-SCG-60-3060 W x 30 LSRC-SCG-60-7860 W x 78 L
SRC-SCG-66-3066 W x 30 LSRC-SCG-66-7866 W x 78 L
SRC-SCG-72-3072 W x 30 LSRC-SCG-72-7872 W x 78 L
SRC-SCG-30-3630 W x 36 LSRC-SCG-30-8430 W x 84 L
SRC-SCG-36-3636 W x 36 LSRC-SCG-36-8436 W x 84 L
SRC-SCG-42-3642 W x 36 LSRC-SCG-42-8442 W x 84 L
SRC-SCG-48-3648 W x 36 LSRC-SCG-48-8448 W x 84 L
SRC-SCG-54-3654 W x 36 LSRC-SCG-54-8454 W x 84 L
SRC-SCG-60-3660 W x 36 LSRC-SCG-60-8460 W x 84 L
SRC-SCG-66-3666 W x 36 LSRC-SCG-66-8466 W x 84 L
SRC-SCG-72-3672 W x 36 LSRC-SCG-72-8472 W x 84 L
SRC-SCG-30-4230 W x 42 LSRC-SCG-30-9030 W x 90 L
SRC-SCG-36-4236 W x 42 LSRC-SCG-36-9036 W x 90 L
SRC-SCG-42-4242 W x 42 LSRC-SCG-42-9042 W x 90 L
SRC-SCG-48-4248 W x 42 LSRC-SCG-48-9048 W x 90 L
SRC-SCG-54-4254 W x 42 LSRC-SCG-54-9054 W x 90 L
SRC-SCG-60-4260 W x 42 LSRC-SCG-60-9060 W x 90 L
SRC-SCG-66-4266 W x 42 LSRC-SCG-66-9066 W x 90 L
SRC-SCG-72-4272 W x 42 LSRC-SCG-72-9072 W x 90 L
SRC-SCG-30-4830 W x 48 LSRC-SCG-30-9630 W x 96 L
SRC-SCG-36-4836 W x 48 LSRC-SCG-36-9636 W x 96 L
SRC-SCG-42-4842 W x 48 LSRC-SCG-42-9642 W x 96 L
SRC-SCG-48-4848 W x 48 LSRC-SCG-48-9648 W x 96 L
SRC-SCG-54-4854 W x 48 LSRC-SCG-54-9654 W x 96 L
SRC-SCG-60-4860 W x 48 LSRC-SCG-60-9660 W x 96 L
SRC-SCG-66-4866 W x 48 LSRC-SCG-66-9666 W x 96 L
SRC-SCG-72-4872 W x 48 LSRC-SCG-72-9672 W x 96 L
SRC-SCG-30-5430 W x 54 LSRC-SCG-30-10230 W x 102 L
SRC-SCG-36-5436 W x 54 LSRC-SCG-36-10236 W x 102 L
SRC-SCG-42-5442 W x 54 LSRC-SCG-42-10242 W x 102 L
SRC-SCG-48-5448 W x 54 LSRC-SCG-48-10248 W x 102 L
SRC-SCG-54-5454 W x 54 LSRC-SCG-54-10254 W x 102 L
SRC-SCG-60-5460 W x 54 LSRC-SCG-60-10260 W x 102 L
SRC-SCG-66-5466 W x 54 LSRC-SCG-66-10266 W x 102 L
SRC-SCG-72-5472 W x 54 LSRC-SCG-72-10272 W x 102 L
SRC-SCG-30-6030 W x 60 LSRC-SCG-30-10830 W x 108 L
SRC-SCG-36-6036 W x 60 LSRC-SCG-36-10836 W x 108 L
SRC-SCG-42-6042 W x 60 LSRC-SCG-42-10842 W x 108 L
SRC-SCG-48-6048 W x 60 LSRC-SCG-48-10848 W x 108 L
SRC-SCG-54-6054 W x 60 LSRC-SCG-54-10854 W x 108 L
SRC-SCG-60-6060 W x 60 LSRC-SCG-60-10860 W x 108 L
SRC-SCG-66-6066 W x 60 LSRC-SCG-66-10866 W x 108 L
SRC-SCG-72-6072 W x 60 LSRC-SCG-72-10872 W x 108 L
SRC-SCG-30-6630 W x 66 LSRC-SCG-30-11430 W x 114 L
SRC-SCG-36-6636 W x 66 LSRC-SCG-36-11436 W x 114 L
SRC-SCG-42-6642 W x 66 LSRC-SCG-42-11442 W x 114 L
SRC-SCG-48-6648 W x 66 LSRC-SCG-48-11448 W x 114 L
SRC-SCG-54-6654 W x 66 LSRC-SCG-54-11454 W x 114 L
SRC-SCG-60-6660 W x 66 LSRC-SCG-60-11460 W x 114 L
SRC-SCG-66-6666 W x 66 LSRC-SCG-66-11466 W x 114 L
SRC-SCG-72-6672 W x 66 LSRC-SCG-72-11472 W x 114 L
SRC-SCG-30-7230 W x 72 LSRC-SCG-30-12030 W x 120 L
SRC-SCG-36-7236 W x 72 LSRC-SCG-36-12036 W x 120 L
SRC-SCG-42-7242 W x 72 LSRC-SCG-42-12042 W x 120 L
SRC-SCG-48-7248 W x 72 LSRC-SCG-48-12048 W x 120 L
SRC-SCG-54-7254 W x 72 LSRC-SCG-54-12054 W x 120 L
SRC-SCG-60-7260 W x 72 LSRC-SCG-60-12060 W x 120 L
SRC-SCG-66-7266 W x 72 LSRC-SCG-66-12066 W x 120 L
SRC-SCG-72-7272 W x 72 LSRC-SCG-72-12072 W x 120 L
Federal OSHA and Cal OSHA are specific on performance standards for railings, screens and covers for skylights. Paramount for all of them is that if a person falls onto the screen or cover they must not be allowed to break the lens of the skylight. In other words the screen or cover must not only support the weight of the person falling, it must also meet load requirements prescribed by OSHA. If using railings, the railing must meet load requirements of their own. Here are the pertinent standards from the website by which skylight guarding is mandated by law and that all railings, covers and screens must comply.
29 CFR 1910.23(a)(4) – The Duty to Provide Protection
Every skylight floor opening and hole shall be guarded by a standard skylight screen or a fixed standard railing on all exposed sides.
29 CFR 1910.23(e)(8) – Screens and Covers Must Comply
Skylight screens shall be of such construction and mounting that they are capable of withstanding a load of at least 200 pounds applied perpendicularly at any one area on the screen. They shall also be of such construction and mounting that under ordinary loads or impacts, they will not deflect downward sufficiently to break the glass below them. The construction shall be of grillwork with openings not more than 4 inches long or of slatwork with openings not more than 2 inches wide with length unrestricted.
29 CFR 1926.502(b)(4) – Railings Must Comply: When the 200 pound (890 N) test load specified in paragraph (b)(3) of this section is applied in a downward direction, the top edge of the guardrail shall not deflect to a height less than 39 inches (1.0 m) above the walking/working level. Guardrail system components selected and constructed in accordance with the Appendix B to subpart M of this part will be deemed to meet this requirement.
Cal/OSHA Title 8, Chapter 4, Article 19, 1623 (3) – Screens and Covers Must Comply (California Standard Only)

(3) Covers shall be capable of safely supporting the greater of 400 pounds or twice the weight of the employees, equipment and materials that may be imposed on any one square foot area of the cover at any time. Covers shall be secured in place to prevent accidental removal or displacement, and shall bear a pressure sensitized, painted, or stenciled sign with legible letters not less than one inch high, stating: “Opening–Do Not Remove.” Markings of chalk or keel shall not be used.

Each employee on walking/working surfaces shall be protected from falling through holes (including skylights) more than 6 feet (1.8 m) above lower levels, by personal fall arrest systems, covers, or guardrail systems erected around such holes.
Each employee on a walking/working surface shall be protected from tripping in or stepping into or through holes (including skylights) by covers.
Each employee on a walking/working surface shall be protected from objects falling through holes (including skylights) by covers.
At CAI Safety Systems all of our products meet the appropriate standards. They are made in the USA by AWS Certified Welders under strict quality control standards.