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About Us & What We Do

At CAI, we offer a range of Fall Protection Systems ranging from passive solutions like guardrails, safety gates, and gangways to active fall restraint and fall arrest systems like anchors and horizontal lifelines.

Since 1997, our engineers have a wealth of experience to determine the type of system that will be the most practical to engineer, manufacture, install and use for your custom OSHA & ANSI compliant needs.

Benefits of using CAI’s Client Portal

The CAI Safety Client Portal makes it easier to have access to your past and present projects, and transfer large documents between our engineers and your company.

Cloud Access

You can immediately locate and download your drawings, product sheets, certification reports, training certificates and even upload documents for our engineers to access!

Messaging & Updates

Through the client portal you will receive important messages pertaining to your system such as when certifications are due, product notices and updates.

Hassle-free Attachments

A secure way for us to share information including the transfer of large files that cannot be attached to email.

Secure File Access

Your project files are secured with multiple layers of security and are protected from online threats. Complex passwords are always a better way to otherwise keep your account protected.

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