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Loading Dock & Bay Systems

Loading Dock / Truck Loading Bays
Self-closing Safety Gates
Cantilever Safety Gates
Our cantilever gates come in two options, single and split opening, and open upwards instead of swinging sideways to preserve your loading dock floor space. The gas assist struts allow the user to raise and lower the Cantilever Gate effortlessly. We can provide gates to protect overhead door openings ranging from 3 feet up to 20 feet.
Cantilever Gates
Fixed Mounted Guardrails
CAI Safety Systems offers loading dock safety guardrails for fall protection and comes in many shapes and sizes for your loading dock and truck pit needs. Our Fixed Mounted Guardrails with Brackets offer the customer choices in length, finish, and mounting options.
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Safety Gates

When floor space is tight, the Cantilever Gates and Mounted Guardrails are the best fall protection solutions. The OSHA compliant loading dock systems address your loading dock, shipping pits & overhead door safety needs.

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