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Roof Fall Protection Systems

Roof / Roof Opening / Leading Edge
Roof Horizontal Lifeline
Roof Horizontal Lifeline
These systems can be used for continuous fall arrest and fall restraint safety around roof leading edges and openings.
Ladder Fall Arrest System
Ladder Fall Arrest System
With CAI Safety’s Ladder Vertical Fall Arrest System you have safety and security when climbing fixed ladders on roofs. The design allows the trolley to remain attached to the user to eliminate the potential for dropping and creating ‘lost time’ Incidents or causing potential injury.
Roof Guardrails
Roof Guardrail Systems
Our non-penetrating and fixed guardrails are OSHA compliant and provide safety around leading edges. Available in steel and aluminum construction with a variety of finishes.
Portable Roof Anchor
Non-penetrating Roof Anchor
The Counterweight Non-Penetrating Anchor provides a tie-off point for personnel working on flat roofs or structures. Suitable for most roof types.
Fixed Roof Anchors
Fixed Roof Anchors
These anchors provides a OSHA compliant tie-off point for fall arrest and restraint safety around roof leading edges and openings.
Roof Hatch Safety
Roof Hatch Safety Systems
This is a full guardrail system with a self-closing safety gate and grab bars. Provides OSHA fall protection for roof hatch openings.
Roof Skylight Guards
Roof Skylight Guards
Our skylight guards are a freestanding, non-penetrating design that provides fall protection coverage for your roof skylight needs. Suitable for dome and flush skylights on a variety of roof types.
Roof Warning Lines
Roof Warning Lines
Our warning line systems allows clear identification of roof leading edges. Portable kit includes non-penetrating stanchions with 100 feet of high visibility flags.
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Horizontal Lifeline
Ladder Fall Arrest
Portable Anchor
Fixed Anchor
Warning Lines

Employees need to access rooftops to perform tasks such as maintenance, construction, inspection, and repairs. The work is often performed in adverse weather conditions such as high wind, snow, and rain, making a roof system absolutely essential to prevent injury. Our systems can be used to provide fall protection for a variety of roof applications. We offer a full range of roof fall prevention, fall arrest, and fall restraint systems around leading edges, openings, hatches, skylights, and ladders.

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