Roof Horizontal Lifeline System

    These systems can be used for continous fall arrest and fall restraint safety around roof leading edges and openings.

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    Counterweight Roof Anchor

    The Counterweight Anchor provides a tie-off point for personnel working on flat roofs or structures. Suitable for most roof types.

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    Fixed Roof Anchors

    These anchors provides a OSHA compliant tie-off point for fall arrest and restraint safety around roof leading edges and openings.

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    Non-penetrating Guardrails

    Our portable guardrails are installed without penetrating the mounting surface. Available in steel and aluminum finishes.

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    Roof Skylight Guard

    Our skylight guards are a freestanding, non-penetrating design that provides fall protection coverage for your roof skylight needs.

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    Roof Hatch Safety Systems

    This is a full guardrail system with a self-closing safety gate and grab bars. Provides OSHA fall protection for roof hatch openings.

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    Warning Line Systems

    Our warning line systems allows clear identification of roof leading edges. Portable kit includes non-penetrating stanchions with 100 feet of high visibility flags.

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Additional Information about Roof Fall Arrest Anchors

No roof can be left unattended to forever. At some point of time or the other, it becomes essential to work on the roof. This is inevitable. In some cases, there might be a lot of work that needs to be carried out. It is important to protect workers from falling off the roof, especially when they have to carry out maintenance, construction, installation, repairs and inspections in adverse weather conditions. Even when the weather is good, the same risk of falling from the roof is present.

We offer a variety of solutions for each scenario.

Roof Horizontal Lifeline: This allows workers to traverse the length of the roof without the possibility of falling off. The length of the line can also be adjusted, meaning they can work on any part of the roof.

Counterweight Roof Anchor: Meant to be used when working at the edges/openings, this is perfect for flat roofs. However, it works equally well with other types of roofs as well.

Fixed Roof Anchor System: This is OSHA-compliant and allows 360-degree swivel movement about the anchor point.

Roof Guardrail Systems: These portable guardrails can be installed without damage to the roof. They come in both aluminum and steel finishes to withstand corrosion, so you can be assured of them lasting for decades altogether without ever having to replace them.

Roof Skylight Guards: When working around skylights, it is important not to fall through them. This is what the skylight guards installed on the roof help prevent.

Roof Hatch Safety: If the roof is accessed via a hatch, then you will need this. Because no one emerges from a hatch already attached to anti-fall safety equipment.

Roof Warning Lines: You could set these up to indicate to workers the demarcated areas where they should be working, and also the lines they should not cross.

All of them feature a non-penetrating design, meaning there will be little, if any, damage to your roof when you install them. Our roof fall protection systems have been deployed in a variety of sectors, and you too could benefit from making use of them. Simply get in touch with us to find out how we can be of help.

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