Self-Retracting Lifeline (SRL) Repair – 3M

Includes general inspection and cleaning of all parts, as required — replacement of cable or web, snap hooks, brake component, motor spring, gaskets, pawl springs and non-legible labels.

NOTE: This product is currently undergoing pricing changes. Please contact us if you need to repair your Self-retracting Lifeline(s). Have the Model # and Serial # of the device handy.


NOTE: If your item is not listed here, please Call us at (951) 465-7386 or E-mail us so we can provide you with additional information about your fall protection product repair.

Includes general inspection and cleaning of all parts, as required — replacement of cable or web, snap hooks, brake component, motor spring, gaskets, pawl springs and non-legible labels.


  1. After placing your order, CAI Safety will contact you to receive the following information (if you have not already provided above):
    Model Number
    Serial number
  2. Once the above information is received, our customer service will provide you with a Block Repair Authorization number (BR#). Reference this number on the exterior of all packages you are shipping.
  3. Re-certification paperwork is included with all repaired products returned to you.
  4. Upon completion of the service, we will confirm shipment to the destination noted on the purchase order.
  5. The program guarantees a 3-5 days turnaround time up to 12 units. For more than 12 units, please call us to verify lead time.
  6. The client is responsible for freight to the Repair Center and back.


  1. If the unit is unrepairable, there is a $50 dollar diagnostic fee.
  2. If the unit is unrepairable, you will receive a full refund of the repair cost.
  3. Freight charges to the Repair Center and back (paid by you) will not be refunded by CAISS.
SKU Brand SRL Models Description
CSS-HDUTY-1 DBI-SALA Heavy-Duty: 3103020 Series Heavy-Duty 11ft. Web SRLs
CSS-HDUTY-2 DBI-SALA Heavy-Duty: 3506000 to 3506002 Heavy-Duty 11ft. Cable SRLs
CSS-SALALOK-1 DBI-SALA SALA-Lok: 3507001 to 3507002 SALALok 30 ft. Cable SRLs
CSS-SEALED-1 DBI-SALA Sealed: 3403400 Series, 3403500 Series Sealed 50 ft. Cable SRLs
CSS-SBLOK-2 DBI-SALA Sealed-Blok: 3400800 to 3400802 Sealed-Blok 30 ft. Cable SRLs
CSS-SBLOK-3 DBI-SALA Sealed-Blok: 3400825 to 3400827 Sealed-Blok 15 ft. Cable SRLs
CSS-SBLOK-4 DBI-SALA Sealed-Blok: 3400850 to 3400858 Sealed-Blok 30 ft. Cable SRLs with Retrieval
CSS-SBLOK-5 DBI-SALA Sealed-Blok: 3400860, 3400870, 3400885 Series Sealed-Blok 85ft. Cable SRLs
CSS-SBLOK-6 DBI-SALA Sealed-Blok: 3400900, 3400920, 3400930 Series Sealed-Blok 50 ft. Cable SRLs
CSS-SBLOK-7 DBI-SALA Sealed-Blok: 3400940 Series, 3400910 Series, 3403600 Series Sealed-Blok 50 ft. Retrieval RSQ Cable SRLs; Sealed-Blok 85ft. Retrieval RSQ Cable SRLs; Sealed 130ft. Cable SRLs
CSS-SBLOK-8 DBI-SALA Sealed-Blok: 3400965, 3400975, 3400990 Series Sealed-Blok 130 ft. Cable SRLs
CSS-SBLOK-9 DBI-SALA Sealed-Blok: 3401002 Series, 3400600 Series Sealed-Blok 130ft. Retrieval RSQ Cable SRLs; 175ft. Cable SRLs
CSS-TALON-1 DBI-SALA Talon: 3101000 Series, 3101050 Series, 3101300 Series Talon 8ft. Single-Leg Web SRLs; Talon 16ft. Single-Leg Web SRLs; Talon 9.5 ft. Single-Leg Tie-Back Web SRLs
CSS-TALON-2 DBI-SALA Talon: 3102000 Series, 3102100 Series Talon 6 ft. Twin-Leg Web SRLs; Talon 7.5 ft. Twin-Leg Tie-Back Web SRLs
CSS-ULOK-1 DBI-SALA Ultra-Lok: 3103100 Series, 3103200 Series Ultra-Lok-11 ft. Web SRLs; Ultra -Lok 20ft. Web SRLs
CSS-ULOK-2 DBI-SALA Ultra-Lok: 3504430 to 3504600 Ultra-Lok 20, 30, 50, 85 ft. Cable/ Rope SRLs
CSS-ULOK-3 DBI-SALA Ultra-Lok: 3504550 Series Ultra-Lok RSQ 50 ft. Cable SRLs
CSS-REBEL-1 PROTECTA Rebel: 3590500 to 3590601  Series Rebel 33, 50 and 66 ft. Cable SRLs
CSS-REBEL-2 PROTECTA Rebel: 3590630 to 3590681 Series Rebel 85 and 100 ft. Cable SRLs
CSS-REBEL-3 PROTECTA Rebel: 3591000 to 3591007 Series Rebel 50 ft. Retrieval
CSS-REBEL-4 PROTECTA Rebel: 3590018 to 3590020 Series Rebel 20 ft. Web SRLs
CSS-REBEL-5 PROTECTA Rebel: 3100431 to 3100433 Series Rebel 15 ft. Cable SRLs
CSS-NANOLOK-1 DBI-SALA Nano-Lok Edge: 3500210 to3500216 Nano-Lok Edge – Single Leg SRLs
CSS-NANOLOK-2 DBI-SALA Nano-Lok Edge: 3500247, 3500248 Nano-Lok Edge – Single Leg SRLs
CSS-NANOLOK-3 DBI-SALA Nano-Lok Twin Edge: 3500227 to 3500231 Nano-Lok Twin Edge – Twin Leg SRLs
CSS-NANOLOK-4 DBI-SALA Nano-Lok Twin Edge: 3500246, 3500249 Nano-Lok Twin Edge – Twin Leg SRLs

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