Portable Counterweight Anchors

    An ideal solution to your tank/bulk truck, bus, tank car and hopper car loading fall protection needs. OSHA compliant and rated for fall arrest.

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    Portable Freestanding Anchors

    Ranging from single point anchors to horizontal lifelines, you can now have your fall protection when and where you need it.

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    Portable Vacuum Anchor

    The OSHA compliant anchor is self-contained, easy to install, practical and flexible without compromise to personnel safety or productivity.

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    Warning Line Systems

    Our warning line systems allows clear identification of leading edges and openings. Portable kit includes non-penetrating stanchions with 100 feet of high visibility flags.

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    Counterweight Roof Anchor

    This Anchor provides a mobile tie-off point for fall arrest and restraint safety around leading edges and openings.

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    Portable Cable Guardrail

    Installed on flat, parapet or overhanging roofs. Simply clamp anchors to parapet or overhanging roof braces ideal for temporary use.

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Additional Information about Portable/Mobile Anchors & Horizontal Lifelines

Consider a worker working on the wings of an airplane. There is no way a penetrating fall protection system can be installed on the wings. In such a situation, you need a non-penetrating mobile fall protection system, such as a portable vacuum anchor. The portable vacuum anchor from CAI Safety System is OSHA-compliant and very easy to install. It will not compromise the surface of the airplane wing in any way. It can also be used for working safely on top of tanks, RV's, transformers, buses, rooftops, and so on.

A counterweight anchor is another mobile fall protection system. Its non-penetrating design ensures that the working surface will not be damaged in any way. It features a built-in shock absorbing post, to provide increased safety to the worker and the structure. It is ideal to use while working on concrete/asphalt sanded/single ply membrane/asphalt stone chipping roof types. You can also use it while working on top of hopper cars, tank cars, trucks, and so on.

It is the right of a worker that he/she be provided a safe workplace. It is the responsibility of the employers that they provide their employees with a safe and healthy workplace. It is the employers themselves who can benefit by making their workplace safe. A safe and healthy workplace means increased productivity from the employees. When an employee does not have to worry about falling from an elevated platform, he/she will be able to work faster. They will also be able to concentrate fully on their work as well. This means lesser mistakes.

OSHA mandates that fall protection be provided to workers working at an elevation of 4 feet in the general industry, 5 feet in shipyards, 6 feet in the construction industry, and 8 feet in long shoring operations.

A portable cable guardrail is another type of mobile fall protection system. It is ideal to install along the roof edges, and once the work is completed, it can be easily disassembled, and transported to the next site. A freestanding mobile fall protection system is ideal when you have to move around a lot.

The mobile fall protection systems offered by CAI Safety Systems come in a variety of sizes and configurations. You may choose one that best suits your safety needs.

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