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Portable/Mobile Fall Protection

Anchors / Lifelines
Portable Counterweight Anchors
Counterweight Anchors
Portable Counterweight Anchors such as single anchors and horizontal lifelines for bus and RV fall protection. OSHA compliant, portable and rated for fall arrest.
Portable/Mobile Anchors
Freestanding Portable Anchors
Application maintenance requires good safety standards and measures. We offer freestanding anchors and horizontal lifelines that make aircraft, bus, tank/bulk truck, tank car and hopper car loading effective. Moreover, our equipment reaches the highest safety standards and is rated for fall arrest being OSHA and MSHA compliant.
Roof Warning Lines
Warning Lines
Our OSHA warning line systems allows clear identification of roof leading edges and opening. Available in fixed and portable kits that do not require any roof penetration for install. Kits are sold complete with stanchions, bases and high visibility flags.
Portable Roof Anchor
Portable Roof Counterweight Anchor
The Non-Penetrating Counterweight Roof Anchor provides a tie-off point for personnel working on flat roofs or structures. The OSHA compliant roof anchor comes with a D-ring included for tying off your lanyard to the anchor.
Portable/Mobile Anchors
Portable Vacuum Anchor
The OSHA compliant vacuum anchor is self-contained, easy to install, practical and flexible without compromise to personnel safety or productivity.
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At CAI Safety, we offer a variety of portable systems ranging from passive solutions like guardrails to active fall arrest systems like anchors and horizontal lifelines. Our portable guardrails are available with counterweight bases or can be clamped to your parapet walls to provide a mobile passive solution. Our freestanding anchors and horizontal lifelines are available in a variety of sizes and configurations. The counterweight systems can be moved by forklifts.

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