Base & Stanchion (Powder-coated Yellow)

Powder-coated yellow (1) Base Plate & (1) Steel Stanchion.

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Powder-coated yellow (1) Base Plate & (1) Steel Stanchion.

This accessory is applicable to the Permanent Warning Lines

The Permanent Warning Line System is our most robust warning line system yet for permanent demarcation of hazardous areas. Cast iron base plates, steel stanchions, and plastic-coated galvanized cable with aluminum pennants means the warning line system is built for long-term exposure to the elements.

The Warning Line System is non-penetrating and designed to integrate perfectly with a railing system. The minimum OSHA requirement for warning lines is that they be placed 15’ feet or more away from a leading edge. Any closer to the leading edge, and fall protection railings or other fall protection devices must be provided. The Permanent Warning Line System provide a complete, comprehensive, OSHA-compliant perimeter guarding solution.

This configuration offers a cost-effective solution to 100% perimeter protection, designed to keep workers away from areas they shouldn’t be and protected in areas where they need to be.