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Ladder & Openings

Openings / Ladders / Mezzanines
Self-closing Safety Gates
Ladder/Opening Gates & Guardrails
CAI Safety's OSHA compliant safety gates and guardrails are intended for fall protection at ladder openings and leading edges. Ladder safety gate kits are ready to install out of the box and available in choice of colors and construction finishes.
Grab Bars (for Ladderways & Safety Gates)
Grab Bars (for Ladderways & Safety Gates)
Ladder Grab Bars provides your work personnel with a stable grip when ascending or descending from an elevated ladder way. The Grab Bars provide horizontal grab bars for your fixed, step-through ladders and are available in various finishes.
Ladder Vertical Climb Assist
Ladder Fall Arrest System
With CAI Safety’s Ladder Vertical Fall Arrest System you have safety and security when climbing fixed ladders on towers, tanks, etc. The design allows the trolley to remain attached to the user to eliminate the potential for dropping and creating ‘lost time’ Incidents or causing potential injury.
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Safety Gate
Grab Bars
Fall Arrest

Our ladder fall protection safety systems include fall arrest capability when climbing the ladder, fall prevention around ladder openings, restricting unauthorized access to the ladder and ladder climb assist. Ladder safety systems are applicable for roof, water tanks, tower and other types of applications. CAI Safety's ladder systems include safety gates and guardrails as well as fall arrest and climb assist systems to protect workers who have to climb a ladder on the job.

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