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Fall Protection Videos

Positioning Bridge Fall Protection System for Aircrafts & Hangars

Our Positioning Bridge System provides total area coverage without giving up floor space for hangar applications. You can work on multiple aircrafts that are positioned in different orientations without losing a ton of time moving to a new position.

The OSHA-compliant fall arrest system can be moved and positioned anywhere above your fuselage and wingspan area promoting safety and productivity.

Types of Applications & Systems provided by CAI Safety Systems

The CAI Safety approach to fall protection is simple — “We allow your application to define the solution.”

What does this mean for you? This means that if you work on top of an Aircraft, Truck, Roof, Bus, Crane, Railcar, Tank, or any other similar application, CAI Safety will provide you with a proven solution that will keep your employees Fall Protection Safe without sacrificing their productivity.

Counterweight Non-penetrating Roof Anchor

The Non-Penetrating Counterweight Roof Anchor provides a tie-off point for personnel working on flat roofs or structures. The OSHA-Compliant roof anchor comes with a D-ring included for tying off your lanyard to the anchor.

The anchor is easy to install, practical and user friendly for your roof safety needs. Integrated shock absorbing anchor post provides safety to the user and roof structure.

Swing Arm Fall Protection System

The Swing-Arm / Fold-Away System was designed to provide OSHA fall protection that does not interfere with the operation of the overhead crane. The arms simply fold away from the work area when not required to allow the overhead crane full access.

When needed the safety system is folded in to position to provide an overhead fall arrest system that allows personnel to work safely and efficiently.