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Non-penetrating Skylight Cover Guard

Roof Skylights

There are a number of benefits that the roof skylights provide. They can significantly help you to reduce the energy costs. The daylight that they let in can positively affect the physiological and psychological well-being of people working inside a building. However, they can be a major fall hazard. If left unguarded, a worker working around one or a person walking close to one can accidentally fall into it, and can suffer serious injuries or even death. A roof [...]

Horizontal Mezzanine Gate

Mezzanine Safety Gates

The main advantage of a mezzanine floor is that it helps to increase the floor space/storage space of a company/factory significantly, in a very cost-effective way. It can be constructed quickly, and there is no need for a full planning permission as well. However, when you are planning a mezzanine floor, you need to ensure that it meets the safety regulations. Installing fall protection guardrails and toe boards at the edge of the mezzanine floor will ensure the safety [...]

Portable Vacuum Anchor

Portable Vacuum Anchors

A portable vacuum anchor is a type of safety anchor that a worker can attach to any smooth, non-porous surface as an anchorage (a point of attachment that is secure for work positioning, fall restraint, personal fall arrest). One of the main advantages of a vacuum anchor is that it is non-penetrating. For a worker working on the wings of an airplane or on the top of an RV where it is not practically possible to make holes to [...]

Overhead Crane Fall Protection

Working on a transformer?

Worker safety should be given priority status in any project that involves working at or from considerable heights, for example on a transformer. Even simple slip and fall accidents can assume drastic proportions when the worker is engaged in carrying out repairs or installations a good distance from the ground. When the work is being done at high risk locations like transformers, there is a dual risk of electrical shock causing a fall which results in injuries. Irrespective of [...]

Roof Non-penetrating Hatch Guard

Roof Hatches

A roof hatch offers safe access to roof areas for workers engaged in HVAC equipment maintenance works, renovation works, and so on. Most of the non-residential buildings are equipped with a roof hatch safety system. A typical roof hatch safety system comprises of grab bars and a self-closing safety gate. An open roof hatch, especially one that is unattended, can be dangerous. It is a fall hazard that can cause injury or even death. It is a safety and [...]


Fall Protection Turnkey Services

Fall protection turnkey services include site survey and assessment, design and engineering, fall protection equipment manufacturing (custom) and its installation, and safety training. The complete program is OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and ANSI (American National Standards Institute) compliant. The program is designed in such a way that it will not affect the job productivity of the employees. Also, the safety equipment will not only provide safety but will also allow the workers to work without making any [...]

Flatbed Truck Mounted Guardrail

Flatbed Truck Guardrail

Flatbed trucks are highly versatile, and cost effective. They can accommodate several types of loads, including unusually shaped, and oversized loads. This has made them a very popular mode of shipping. However, securing a load or simply covering the load with a tarp is a dangerous job for the workers, especially if it is done without taking proper safety precautions. The ‘bed’ body of the truck may look like it is not too high off the ground, however, a [...]

Portable Safety Ladders

Dual Safety Ladders with Work Platform

OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and ANSI (American National Standards Institute) regulations mandate that a worker/operator working above a specific height (usually 6 feet in height) using a ladder be tied off to a suitable anchor point before performing any work using both his/her hands. However, in many cases, this is not practical. When you are tied off, movements become restricted. Also, a worker may sometimes not be able to find a strong enough anchor point. In such [...]


Commercial And Industrial Fall Prevention

Falls are one of the most preventable workplace injuries. Yet, each year hundreds of people are injured, sometimes killed in falls while working on the job. The majority of these falls are found in the manufacturing, transportation, fuel and construction industries. Every profession presents unique dangers and the goal is to eliminate as much of the risk from each situation as possible. Commercial and industrial fall prevention is the responsibility of everyone in the industry. Here are three things a company [...]

Fall Protection Safety Training

Fall Protection Training: Your Life Is On The Line

When you think of common workplace accidents, falls are probably not at the top of the list. However, they account for a large percentage of on the job injuries and in some industries a fall equals a likely fatality. Anytime someone has to work on an elevated surface, there is a danger of a catastrophic fall. In order to protect employees from these situations there are many things a company can do to reduce this risk including the use of [...]

Fixed Overhead System

Overhead Fall Protection: One Wrong Step And …

Workers in the aviation, oil and gas, transportation, utility and mining industries may not have much in common with one another but there is one challenge these hard working men and women share; the threat of serious injury or death from a fall. Whether their work takes them to the top of a tanker truck or the wing of an aircraft, the outcome of a fall can be equally tragic if these workers aren’t properly protected. Training and experience can help [...]


Commercial Vehicles: Access Platforms And Gangways

Access platforms and gangways enable workers to perform tasks efficiently and safely in even the most challenging conditions. The loading and unloading of trucks and railway cars present unique hazards to workers in the oil and gas, mining, food processing, chemical and agricultural industries. One wrong step could result in serious injury or even death.   Several types of truck and railcar fall protection systems are available to meet the specific needs of industries that rely on the transport of bulk materials. [...]

Permanent Warning Line System

Construction Safety: It’s Not Always About Employee Safety

 When you encounter warning lines it is important to remember that these are meant to warn employees and the public alike from hazards, particularly falls from elevated surfaces. Warning lines cannot be used to prevent or stop falls unlike guardrails, safety gates, anchor points or horizontal lifelines. The purpose of warning lines is simply to alert everyone that a fall hazard is present. In addition to roofs, warning lines can also be found on roadways and work sites. Ignoring them can [...]

Roof Horizontal Lifeline

Rooftops: Fall Arrest Systems Prevent Injuries And Save Lives

Roof Fall Prevention & Safety Whether it’s for maintenance purposes or it’s a regular part of the job, some workers are required to spend time on rooftops. No matter how routine the work may be, accidents can still happen. OSHA guidelines mandate training and appropriate safety equipment for these workers, yet despite these efforts every year, hundreds of people are injured or killed in falls from roofs. This is even more tragic when you consider that most of these falls are [...]

Grab Bars (for Ladderways & Safety Gates)

Facility Maintenance: Ladders & Ladder Openings

  Workers in manufacturing and commercial facilities face dangers in the workplace every day. Falls are one of the leading causes of injury and death on the job, particularly in the construction and manufacturing sectors. One misstep on an elevated surface can have tragic consequences. Even the most experienced workers aren’t immune from this danger. Fortunately, government regulations are in place to protect employees from these preventable hazards. OSHA requires guardrails, safety gates, and other fall protection systems, of the proper [...]


3 Important Roof Maintenance Safety Tips

No other part of a building absorbs more punishment than the roof. Whether it’s the snow that accumulates in the winter or the rain and hail that pounds away on it during the spring and summer, a roof gets no relief from the elements. This makes it more susceptible to failure. The best way to avoid issues is to have the roof inspected on a regular basis and perform preventative maintenance when necessary. The only way to do a thorough [...]


Shipping & Manufacturing Facilities: A Few Safety Tips

Warehouses and manufacturing facilities are, on their best days, structures that function like well-oiled machines. Like most machines, though, there’s always a chance for something to go wrong. When there’s an issue at an industrial facility, the ramifications can be shocking to say the least. In a best case scenario, one only has to worry about a loss of profits. At the worst, one may have to deal with a catastrophic loss of life. That’s why it’s so important to deal [...]


Choosing a Mezzanine Safety Gate

Adding mezzanines can be a relatively inexpensive way to nearly double your warehousing area. However, they bring with them a number of safety challenges. Many solutions are available, some of them generally more expensive than others, and some safer overall than others. This article should help you to think through the pros and cons of the different types of gates so you can make the right selection for your particular situation. We just tie-off… A lot of businesses choose to use [...]


Top Three Ladder Mistakes

The second most frequent cause of death on the job is falling. Now, no one wants to fall; and most people consider themselves to be reasonably careful. So why does this kind of an accident still make up such a large portion of the pie? Well, one factor is definitely ladder use. Forty-three percent of fatal falls in the last ten years have involved ladders, and every year there are more than 164,000 emergency room-treated injuries caused by falls from [...]


Why OSHA Is Involved in Workplace Safety

OSHA became law on December 29, 1970, under President Nixon. OSHA enacted laws and standards to protect the safety of men and women in the workplace. In addition to making sure working conditions are acceptable, they also provide training, assistance, outreach and education. This helps to ensure all employers and employees have the tools to be safe while on the job. Their main goal is to reduce workplace hazards with training and systems, such as the fall arrest system. This [...]