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Tank & Water Reservoir Anchor

Tank / Tank Vent / Water Reservoir
Tank & Water Reservoir Anchor
Our tank fall protection anchor is designed to be installed without penetrating the tank surface through drilling or welding. The OSHA compliant anchor clamps against tank and water reservoir vent and can be set to provide fall arrest or fall restraint safety.
The Tank Fall Protection Anchor system can accommodate tank or reservoir vents from 18″ to 48″ in diameter. The basic system comprises of one each: anchor, trolley, cable grab with lifeline, and shock absorbing lanyard. Custom size units are available call or request for a quote.

Fall Protection Challenge

Water tanks and reservoirs require regular maintenance and inspection work that exposes the workers to safety hazards such as slippery surfaces to leading edges. Installing a safety system that may penetrate the surface of the tank may void warranty on the coating or result in contamination.

Fall Protection Solution

CAI’s Tank Fall Protection Anchor is designed to work without compromising the structural integrity of your tank or water reservoir. The tank fall arrest anchor will clamp around the center vent without requiring any penetration or welding. The round tank ring provides the user with 360 degrees of fall protection around the tank and full access to the entire top surface of the tank.

Features & Benefits
Tank & Water Reservoir Anchor


The Tank Fall Protection Anchor system ships fully fabricated and assembled to maintain control on quality and safety. This approach also helps to reduce the field installation time. You also do not have to use any special tools for the install.

Tank Vent Collar Ring Anchor


At every point where the aluminum fall protection system comes in contact with the tank or water reservoir we provide a dielectric protective cover. This feature is to preserve the protective coating on the tank’s surface.

Tank Vent Collar Ring Anchor


We recognize that the tank fall protection system needs to survive outdoors in the elements. The reservoir fall protection system is built to survive with system all aluminum framework and stainless steel hardware.

Tank Vent Collar Ring Anchor


The Tank Fall Protection Anchor will clamp around the center vent without requiring any penetration or welding to the tank’s surface. This approach avoids any possible damage to the tank outer coating or contamination of the contents.

Tank & Water Reservoir Anchor


The Tank Fall Protection Anchor is rated to support two users in fall arrest or restraint when used under the supervision of a Qualified person.

Tank Vent Collar Ring Anchor


The threaded stainless steel rods allows the adjustment of the clamps to the diameter of the vent. Vent diameter can vary from 18″ to 48″. The legs are also adjustable to match the slope on the tank.

Tank Vent Collar Ring Anchor


All the components make up the Tank Fall protection anchor system for providing accessibility and fall protection.

Additional System Information

A fall protection expert will guide you in the proper selections of the anchor, horizontal lifeline and custom features to make sure that you have the right fall protection system for your needs.

Using the Tank Fall Protection System:
Tank Ring Anchor System - 3D Reference Cable Lifeline – The cable lifeline extends to the point of entry at the top of the reservoir. User will tie-off by the entry point and remain tied off while on top of the tank.
Full Body Harness & Shock Absorbing Lanyard – A shock absorbing lanyard suspended from the dorsal D-ring of the full body harness is connected to the cable grab. In the event of a fall the shock absorbing lanyard and harness will reduce the fall impact load on the body.
Trolley & Tank Vent Ring Anchor – The trolley glides around the anchor track to provide the user with 360 degrees of accessibility and fall protection around the tank.

Overall dimensions and weight

DIMENSION = 76″ x 76″ x 12″
WEIGHT = 200 lbs.

Tank Ring Anchor - Overall dimensions and weight
(click to enlarge)

Size of vent:

Minimum Outside Diameter: 1′-0″ (12″)
Maximum Outside Diameter: 4′ 0″ (48″)

Tank Ring Anchor - Overall dimensions and weight
(click to enlarge)

System rating

Two users weighing no more than 310 lbs. each with tools.

Fall Restraint 1240 lbs. Per User 6ft. Shock Absorbing Lanyard 2 Users Horizontal Back D-Ring of Harness

Complies with:

  • Cal-Osha-Title 8 Section 1670 Article 24. Fall Protection
  • Osha Title 29, Chapter Xvii Part 1910 And 1926
  • American National Standards Institute, Z359.1-2007 to Z359.1-2014

Construction materials

  • TANK RING: 6061-T6 Aluminum, Bare
  • HARDWARE: Stainless Steel
  • CABLE: Stainless Steel Cable Wire

Requirements of existing tank or reservoir

Tank Ring Anchor - Requirements of existing tank or reservoir
(click to enlarge)

The Tank Fall Protection Anchor can be used if all the conditions stated below are satisfied. For any exceptions please contact CAI Safety.

  • Roof reservoir max slope shall be 3:12 (14″).
  • 6″ min, vent neck height clearance required at clamp connection
  • Fall protection loads shown must be used to evaluate the existing vents at all directions at which the tank ring system will be used for fall protection.
  • Existing vents in which tank ring system is to be installed must be determined and evaluated by a licensed structural engineer for fall protection load indicated above.

Information required to customize the Tank Ring Fall Protection Anchor

Upon order we will request the following information to provide you with a custom drawing for approval.

  • Vent Neck Outside Diameter (Vod)
  • Vent Neck Exposed Height (Veh)
  • Vent Cap Outside Diameter (Vcd)
  • Reservoir Over All Diameter (Rod)
  • Reservoir Height (Rh)
Tank Ring Anchor - Overall dimensions and weight
(click to enlarge)
Tank Vent Collar Ring Anchor - 3D Reference

Note: The product provided may differ in construction compared to what has been depicted.


Base Unit:

  1. Tank Vent Ring Fall Protection Anchor
  2. Trolley
  3. Cable Lifeline
  4. Lanyard

Optional Hardware:

  1. Full Body Harness
Upgrade for 2nd User:

  1. Trolley
  2. Cable Lifeline
  3. Lanyard

Optional Hardware:

  1. Full Body Harness

PLEASE NOTE: Full body harness is not included with either option in case you want to use your existing harness. You can purchase the harness from CAI or use your own as long as the harness is OSHA and ANSI Z359.1-2014 complaint.

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