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Fall protection Online Store

  • Roof Skylights

    Roof Skylights (3)

    Working around unprotected roof skylights and floor openings is a major fall protection hazard that can be safely protected with our Roof Skylight Systems. These systems have a freestanding, non-penetrating design that allows you to easily implement OSHA fall protection coverage for your roof skylight applications.
  • Access Platforms & Gangways

    Access Platforms & Gangways (2)

    Our Access Platforms provide safe access with fall protection for bulk/tank trucks, tank railcar, sea containers, and hopper cars. These systems are available in fixed and portable models that are user friendly and safe to operate.
  • Certification Repair

    Certification Repair (1)

    To arrange a repair, you can now select the brand and model of your product and directly checkout with the repair price. If you have any questions regarding the return of a product, please contact your CAI Safety Systems at (888) 246-6999 or email us at
  • Fall Protection Accessories

    Fall Protection Accessories (55)

    Accessories or add-on's for all fall protection and fall arrest systems available at our online store.
  • Fall Protection Anchors

    Fall Protection Anchors (8)

    CAI offers you a selection of roof and freestanding fall protection anchors that can be portable or fixed to your structure. The anchors are OSHA and ANSI compliant and rated for fall arrest and restraint solutions ideal for your roof, tank/bulk trucks, buses, tank cars, earth movers and hopper cars.
  • Fall Protection User Equipment

    Fall Protection User Equipment (78)

    This category includes all products that are used in accordance with fall protection and fall arrest systems. Products include Beam Glyders, Carabiners, Full Body Harnesses, Lanyards, Rope Grabs, Self Retracting Lifelines, Trolleys, etc.
  • Rescue Devices & Equipment

    Rescue Devices & Equipment (5)

    OSHA and ANSI compliant fall protection rescue equipment for your work fall safety solutions
  • Guardrails

    Guardrails (4)

    OSHA compliant non-penetrating and fixed guardrail systems are ideal for long-term fall prevention around roof edges, skylights, hatches, loading docks, mezzanines, elevated platforms and construction site safety. The guardrail systems are offered in selections, such as non-penetrating, fixed and portable, to fit your passive fall protection system needs.
  • Portable Ladders

    Portable Ladders (5)

    Our Portable ladders were designed for keeping the professional, working and safe. We noted the common type of ladder accidents and then we reverse engineered our ladders to reduce the chance of injury versus asking you to "work around" our ladders.
  • Roof Hatches

    Roof Hatches (2)

    The Roof Hatch Safety Systems is a full guardrail system with a self-closing safety gate and grab bars. Available in non-penetrating and fixed options the roof hatch safety systems provide OSHA compliant fall protection.
  • Safety Gates

    Safety Gates (11)

    Our ladder opening gates are self-closing and available in a variety of sizes and finishes. The mezzanine industrial safety gates are available in vertical and horizontal opening options to accommodate your space requirements.
  • Warning Lines

    Warning Lines (2)

    Our OSHA warning line systems allows clear identification of roof leading edges and opening. Available in fixed and portable kits that do not require any roof penetration for install. Kits are sold complete with stanchions, bases and high visibility flags.
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