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Safety Gates

Our ladder opening gates are self-closing and available in a variety of sizes and finishes. The mezzanine industrial safety gates are available in vertical and horizontal opening options to accommodate your space requirements.

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  • Loading Dock Gates

    Loading Dock Gates (2)

    When floor space is at a premium, the Single Cantilever Gate System for Loading Docks and Overhead Doors are the perfect answer. Pneumatic shocks standard for safely opening and closing dock gate. Easy operation and OSHA compliant.
  • Mezzanine Gates

    Mezzanine Gates (5)

    CAI Safety's OSHA compliant Mezzanine Safety Gates protect guardrail openings. You can now safely receive pallet material by forklift or other means with the fall prevention capabilities of our range of platform safety gates.
  • Self Closing Gates

    Self Closing Gates (2)

    The Safety Gates for ladders and openings are OSHA compliant self-closing swing gates. These gates are ideal for elevated platforms, mezzanines and anywhere there is an opening in your railing system accessible by a ladder or stairway.
  • Gate & Guardrail Kit for Roof Ladder

    Gate & Guardrail Kit for Roof Ladder

    The Gate & Guardrail Kit is the best non-penetrating solution yet to guarding permanent roof top ladders. The ladder safety gate system creates an OSHA compliant control zone allowing safe egress/ingress to and from the rooftop.

  • Pallet Rack Safety Gate

    Pallet Rack Safety Gate

     The Pallet Rack Safety Gate is a self-closing, dual gate system designed to fit existing rack systems. Simply forklift palletized material through the gates and back away. The spring loaded gate system self-closes along the platform edge, protecting personnel from dangerous falls.

    NOTE: Each 'Intermediate Unit' comprises of (1) Hinge and (2) Safety Gates. Each 'End Unit' comprises of (1) Hinge and (1) Safety Gate.

    Please refer to the drawings shown under the 'Intermediate & End Units Explained' tab at the bottom.

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