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Roof Hatches

The Roof Hatch Safety Systems is a full guardrail system with a self-closing safety gate and grab bars. Available in non-penetrating and fixed options the roof hatch safety systems provide OSHA compliant fall protection.

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  • Roof Hatch Fixed Safety Guardrail System

    Roof Hatch Fixed Guardrail System

    The Fixed Roof Hatch Safety Guardrail is a full railing system with a self-closing safety gate and integrated grab bars. This product is designed specifically for roof hatch openings. Provides roof safety with this permanent, four-sided protective railing.

    NOTE: See diagram below before making a selection:
    Roof Hatch Fixed System - Reference Dimensions

  • Roof Non-penetrating Hatch Guard

    Roof Non-penetrating Hatch Guard

    CAI's Roof Hatch Guard protects against falls through a open roof hatch on flat roofs. Our OSHA compliant non-penetrating Roof Hatch guards do not require roof curbs or hatch penetrations for install.

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