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OSHA compliant non-penetrating and fixed guardrail systems are ideal for long-term fall prevention around roof edges, skylights, hatches, loading docks, mezzanines, elevated platforms and construction site safety. The guardrail systems are offered in selections, such as non-penetrating, fixed and portable, to fit your passive fall protection system needs.

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  • Fixed Base Guardrails

    Fixed Base Guardrails (2)

    CAI Safety Systems has developed fixed guardrail bracket anchors for parapet walls, concrete, steel and wood in top and side mounted orientations. We also supply guardrails that can be secured to the brackets in standard and custom lengths with no field fabrication required.
  • Flatbed Truck Mounted Guardrail

    Flatbed Truck Mounted Guardrail

    Put an end to falls from flatbed trailer loading/unloading operations. The Flatbed Truck Mounted Guardrail provides an OSHA fall protection compliant system that prevents falls from elevated flatbed trailer decks. The Guardrail System includes a Transportation Cart that can be moved by one person over uneven terrain. Handle/brake keeps the cart stationary during loading and unloading.

  • Steel Non-penetrating Guardrail

    Steel Non-penetrating Guardrails

    Our Guardrail system enables fall protection without penetrating the floor and roof surface. When properly applied the counterweight system provides an OSHA compliant fall prevention system for the roof edge, skylight, hatch, loading dock, mezzanine, elevated platform and construction site safety.

    NOTE: Each guardrail kit comprises of (1) base plate, (1) rail, & (2) locking pins

    If the guardrail system is going to have open ends, you will need an outrigger on each open end. The finishing kit shown in the ‘Finishing Kit’ tab below, will provide you with the outriggers to close these open ends.

  • Portable Cable Guardrail

    Portable Cable Guardrail

    The Portable Cable Guardrail System for roof fall protection can be safely installed on a variety of roofs including flat, parapet or overhanging. The anchors simply clamp on to parapet or overhanging roof braces making installation fast and safe. The system allows contractors to install on straight, curved or circular roofs using the same system every time.

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