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System Specific Trolleys

These Trolleys are designed to be used with specific fall protection systems. The systems have been specified for you within each product’s information.

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  • 8 mm UniGrab & Carabiner

    8 mm UniGrab & Carabiner for Uni 8 / Uni 8 Overhead

    The UniGrab™ Traveler is used as an attachment device for a single user in conjunction with the Uni-8 and Roofsafe Cable systems.

  • Uni 8™ / Evolution™ Traveler Cable Shuttle

    8mm Uni 8™ / Evolution™ Traveler for Uni 8 / Uni 8 Overhead

    The Uni 8™ / Evolution™ Traveler shuttle provides hands-free bypass of the intermediates and maximum freedom of movement, allowing user to attach or detach from the lifeline at any point along the system.

  • Rail Carriage (for Roofsafe Rail / UniRail)

    Rail Carriage for Roofsafe Rail / UniRail

    The four wheel attachment RoofSafe™ Carriage runs effortlessly along the extruded aluminium rail, making the system extremely user friendly. An important factor when promoting the use of a roof safety anchorage.

  • Detachable Rolling Sayflink Sleeve

    Sayflink™ Sleeve Detachable (for Sayfglida™)

    The Detachable Rolling Sayflink™ Sleeve (for Sayfglida) allows the user to attach and detach at any point along the lifeline. The Sayflink traveler slides easily over intermediate anchorage brackets and around corner brackets while ensuring 100% contact on the lifeline.

  • Sayflink™ Sleeve Traveler

    Sayflink™ Sleeve Traveler for Uni 8 / Sayfline™

    Sayflink Sleeve Traveler is a permanent multi-span horizontal lifeline system. This is a unique one-piece traveler which easily slides over intermediate brackets with no manipulation required by the user for hands free operation.

  • Uni 16™ UniGrab & Carabiner

    Uni 16™ UniGrab & Carabiner for Uni 16

    The Uni 16 UniGrab & Carabiner weighs only 1.05lbs (0.45kg) and fits in the palm of your hand. Can be attached at any point along the system. 316 stainless steel, electro-polished and serial numbered.

  • Uni 8 Overhead Traveler

    Uni 8™ Overhead Traveler for Uni 8 Overhead

    The Uni 8 Overhead two-wheeled attachment carriages are secured to the system during installation and when in use move over the intermediate brackets without interruption. The free running attachment carriage ensures complete freedom of travel and therefore ease of movement for the user.

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