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Portable Anchors

OSHA and MSHA compliant, portable and rated for fall arrest they are an ideal solution to your tank/bulk trucks, buses, tank cars and hopper cars loading needs. Ranging from single point anchors to horizontal lifelines, you can now have your fall protection when and where you need it for the transportation and mining industries.

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  • Portable Counterweight Single Anchor

    Counterweight Single Anchor

    A highly customized and adjustable counterweight anchor. This modular system is designed for easy adjustment and maximizing flexibility without sacrificing safety. The lightweight design allows for easy mobility around the job site with a pallet jack or forklift.

  • Freestanding Rotating Anchor

    Freestanding Rotating Anchor

    The Freestanding Rotating Anchor provides a safe overhead anchorage that is designed specifically for use around vehicles, utilizing the vehicle weight to secure the anchor for proper fall arrest, eliminating the need for heavy and bulky counter weights. The Rotating Anchor includes a universal non-stretch 20ft. galvanized cable Self-retracting Lifeline with Back D-ring.

  • Portable Counterweight Horizontal Lifeline

    Counterweight Horizontal Lifeline

    The Counterweight Freestanding Fall Arrest System is equipped with a rigid rail track, counterweight anchors and trolleys. The system can be positioned close to the application using a forklift.

  • Portable Freestanding Horizontal Lifeline

    Freestanding Horizontal Lifeline

    When accessing a large span the Freestanding Horizontal Lifeline System equipped with a track and trolley keeps the anchor point directly above the user for safety by reducing the possibility of a swing fall. Ideal for aviation and earth mover applications.

  • Portable Vacuum Fall Protection Anchor

    Portable Vacuum Anchor (General & Aviation Industry)

    The Portable Vacuum Anchor is a non-penetrating fall protection system. The OSHA compliant anchor is self-contained, easy to install, practical and flexible without compromise to personnel safety or productivity.

    NOTE: Only one user is allowed to tie-off per pad. For two users, please select a Secondary Pad.

  • Portable Freestanding Fall Arrest Anchor & Ladder

    Portable Freestanding Anchor & Ladder System

    When looking for safe access and a tie-off anchor point consider our Portable Freestanding Fall Arrest Anchor & Ladder System. We combine the features of a ladder with a fall arrest anchor to give you safety from the ground to the work platform.

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