Portable Anchors

OSHA and MSHA compliant, portable and rated for fall arrest they are an ideal solution to your tank/bulk trucks, buses, tank cars and hopper cars loading needs. Ranging from single point anchors to horizontal lifelines, you can now have your fall protection when and where you need it for the transportation and mining industries.

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  • Portable Vacuum Fall Protection Anchor

    Portable Vacuum Anchor (General & Aviation Industry)

  • Portable Counterweight Single Anchor

    Counterweight Single Anchor

  • Freestanding Rotating Anchor

    Freestanding Rotating Anchor

  • Portable Counterweight Horizontal Lifeline

    Counterweight Horizontal Lifeline

  • Portable Freestanding Horizontal Lifeline

    Freestanding Horizontal Lifeline

  • Portable Freestanding Fall Arrest Anchor & Ladder

    Portable Freestanding Anchor & Ladder System

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