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Access Platforms & Gangways

Our Access Platforms provide safe access with fall protection for bulk/tank trucks, tank railcar, sea containers, and hopper cars. These systems are available in fixed and portable models that are user friendly and safe to operate.

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  • Access Platforms & Gangways for Railcars & Trucks

    Access Platforms & Gangways for Railcars and Trucks

    Our one hatch access systems consist of single pedestal platform, gangway and staircase for access and optional fall prevention cage for your fall protection needs on top of tank, bulk trucks, ISOtainers, hopper & tank railcars.

  • Portable Access Platform

    Portable Access Platform

    The Portable Access Platform is designed to provide safe access and fall protection on the tops of tank and bulk trucks. The unit provides portable access with a safety enclosure designed for applications that do not allow the ability to use permanent truck loading platforms or when space is limited.

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