SRL Repair, Upgrade & Re-Certification

SRL Repair, Upgrade & Re-Certification

To arrange a repair, you can now select the brand and model of your product below and directly checkout with the repair price.

NOTE: For multiple SRL repair, add each SRL to the cart one at a time. No freight and sales tax will be included with this order. The client is responsible for freight to the Repair Center and back.

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NOTE: If your item is not listed here, please Call us at 888-246-6999 or E-mail us so we can provide you with additional information about your fall protection product repair.

Includes general inspection and cleaning of all parts, as required — replacement of cable or web, snap hooks, brake component, motor spring, gaskets, pawl springs and non-legible labels.


  1. After placing your order, CAI Safety will contact you to receive the following information (if you have not already provided above):
    Model Number
    Serial number
  2. Once the above information is received, our customer service will provide you with a Block Repair Authorization number (BR#). Reference this number on the exterior of all packages you are shipping.
  3. Re-certification paperwork is included with all repaired products returned to you.
  4. Upon completion of the service, we will confirm shipment to the destination noted on the purchase order.

NOTE: The client is responsible for freight to the Repair Center and back.

SKU Brand SRL Models Description
CSS-HDUTY-1 DBI-SALA Heavy-Duty: 3103020 Series Heavy-Duty 11ft. Web SRLs
CSS-HDUTY-2 DBI-SALA Heavy-Duty: 3506000 to 3506002 Heavy-Duty 11ft. Cable SRLs
CSS-SALALOK-1 DBI-SALA SALA-Lok: 3507001 to 3507002 SALALok 30 ft. Cable SRLs
CSS-SEALED-1 DBI-SALA Sealed: 3403400 Series, 3403500 Series Sealed 50 ft. Cable SRLs
CSS-SBLOK-2 DBI-SALA Sealed-Blok: 3400800 to 3400802 Sealed-Blok 30 ft. Cable SRLs
CSS-SBLOK-3 DBI-SALA Sealed-Blok: 3400825 to 3400827 Sealed-Blok 15 ft. Cable SRLs
CSS-SBLOK-4 DBI-SALA Sealed-Blok: 3400850 to 3400858 Sealed-Blok 30 ft. Cable SRLs with Retrieval
CSS-SBLOK-5 DBI-SALA Sealed-Blok: 3400860, 3400870, 3400885 Series Sealed-Blok 85ft. Cable SRLs
CSS-SBLOK-6 DBI-SALA Sealed-Blok: 3400900, 3400920, 3400930 Series Sealed-Blok 50 ft. Cable SRLs
CSS-SBLOK-7 DBI-SALA Sealed-Blok: 3400940 Series, 3400910 Series, 3403600 Series Sealed-Blok 50 ft. Retrieval RSQ Cable SRLs; Sealed-Blok 85ft. Retrieval RSQ Cable SRLs; Sealed 130ft. Cable SRLs
CSS-SBLOK-8 DBI-SALA Sealed-Blok: 3400965, 3400975, 3400990 Series Sealed-Blok 130 ft. Cable SRLs
CSS-SBLOK-9 DBI-SALA Sealed-Blok: 3401002 Series, 3400600 Series Sealed-Blok 130ft. Retrieval RSQ Cable SRLs; 175ft. Cable SRLs
CSS-TALON-1 DBI-SALA Talon: 3101000 Series, 3101050 Series, 3101300 Series Talon 8ft. Single-Leg Web SRLs; Talon 16ft. Single-Leg Web SRLs; Talon 9.5 ft. Single-Leg Tie-Back Web SRLs
CSS-TALON-2 DBI-SALA Talon: 3102000 Series, 3102100 Series Talon 6 ft. Twin-Leg Web SRLs; Talon 7.5 ft. Twin-Leg Tie-Back Web SRLs
CSS-ULOK-1 DBI-SALA Ultra-Lok: 3103100 Series, 3103200 Series Ultra-Lok-11 ft. Web SRLs; Ultra -Lok 20ft. Web SRLs
CSS-ULOK-2 DBI-SALA Ultra-Lok: 3504430 to 3504600 Ultra-Lok 20, 30, 50, 85 ft. Cable/ Rope SRLs
CSS-ULOK-3 DBI-SALA Ultra-Lok: 3504550 Series Ultra-Lok RSQ 50 ft. Cable SRLs
CSS-REBEL-1 PROTECTA Rebel: 3590500 to 3590601  Series Rebel 33, 50 and 66 ft. Cable SRLs
CSS-REBEL-2 PROTECTA Rebel: 3590630 to 3590681 Series Rebel 85 and 100 ft. Cable SRLs
CSS-REBEL-3 PROTECTA Rebel: 3591000 to 3591007 Series Rebel 50 ft. Retrieval
CSS-REBEL-4 PROTECTA Rebel: 3590018 to 3590020 Series Rebel 20 ft. Web SRLs
CSS-REBEL-5 PROTECTA Rebel: 3100431 to 3100433 Series Rebel 15 ft. Cable SRLs
CSS-NANOLOK-1 DBI-SALA Nano-Lok Edge: 3500210 to3500216 Nano-Lok Edge – Single Leg SRLs
CSS-NANOLOK-2 DBI-SALA Nano-Lok Edge: 3500247, 3500248 Nano-Lok Edge – Single Leg SRLs
CSS-NANOLOK-3 DBI-SALA Nano-Lok Twin Edge: 3500227 to 3500231 Nano-Lok Twin Edge – Twin Leg SRLs
CSS-NANOLOK-4 DBI-SALA Nano-Lok Twin Edge: 3500246, 3500249 Nano-Lok Twin Edge – Twin Leg SRLs