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Fall Protection Store


Secondary Pad Vacuum Anchor (General Industry)

Secondary vacuum anchor pad (General Industry) for the Portable Fall Protection Anchor. Provides tie-off point on smooth, non-porous surfaces via vacuum technology.

NOTE: This device is used with the Portable Vacuum Anchor (General Industry) to tie-off a secondary user.

$9,318.00 $8,471.00


This device is powered (uses air) from a standard primary vacuum anchor system with an Air Hose (CSS-2200130 part included with secondary pad) and is typically used with a horizontal lifeline system between the two anchors. Unique system provides a fall protection anchor where its often impossible to use traditional types such as tops of airplanes, tanks, railcars, etc.

System offers added freedom of movement and placement of system versus very restrictive restraint type systems. Lightweight design is easy to set-up and use, weighing under 20 lbs. (9.1 kg) making it easy to move from one location to another, set-up and store.

Features & Benefits:

  • Secondary vacuum anchor pad for general industry
  • Provides tie-off point on smooth, non-porous surfaces via vacuum technology
  • Fall arrest rated for ultimate safety
  • Attaches to primary pad unit with air hose (model CSS-2200130)
  • Lightweight design is easy to set-up and use
  • Audible and visual alarms for complete safety
  • Built-in check valves provide safety during accidental air loss
  • Unique rubber seals won’t damage surface
  • Approved for horizontal lifeline use
  • Heavy-duty storage and transport case

Product Literature (PDF) Product Manual (PDF)

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