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Stanchion/Outrigger (Foldable) + 2 Bases

Stanchion/Outrigger (Foldable) + 2 Bases

The Aluminum Non-penetrating Guardrail System is a freestanding guardrail held in place by Counterweight Bases (approx. 50 lbs. each) placed on the horizontal beam of the guardrail. This product consists of (1) Stanchion & Outrigger (Foldable) and (2) Counterweight Bases.

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Our classic straight guardrails can be installed on almost any type of surface. This guardrail system is a free-standing straight upright for securing the tube in the right position on the roof. The free-standing straight upright contains the beam, clampers and a counterweight.

This product is an accessory of the Aluminum Non-penetrating Guardrails system.

This product consists of (1) Stanchion & Outrigger (Foldable) and (2) Counterweight Bases. Rails and other components are not included in this kit. Please purchase components separately.

Please note that as per OSHA regulations, two counterweight bases are required to be placed every 8 feet, which have not yet been depicted in some product pictures or documentation. As a result, we provide two bases in this kit.