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Overhead Positioning Bridge

for Aircraft Hangar, Fuselage & Winspan
Our Positioning Bridge System provides total area coverage without giving up floor space for hangar applications. You can work on multiple aircrafts that are positioned in different orientations without losing a ton of time moving to a new position.
The OSHA-compliant fall arrest system can be moved and positioned anywhere above your fuselage and wingspan area promoting safety and productivity.

Fall Protection Challenge

For many hangar applications, the fall protection challenge is having to work on multiple aircrafts that may be positioned in different orientations. Under these circumstances, a fixed overhead fall arrest system is limited and a mobile system may be impractical due to the multiple set ups.

Fall Protection Solution

We have engineered an OSHA fall protection system that will support your fuselage and wingspan safety and productivity by giving you the ability to position your fall arrest system where you need it inside your hangar or shop floor.

Features & Benefits
Aircraft Positioning Bridge


Operation of the system is simple: The user ties off to the Self-Retracting Lifeline (SRL) and the bridge for the fall arrest system is positioned over your work area. Your fall protection system does not define or restrict your work area.

Aircraft Positioning Bridge


This System allows you to cover a large area with pinpoint accuracy by simply moving the bridge over the area requiring fall protection.

Aircraft Positioning Bridge


As your business grows, you can easily add more runways to increase your work area or more bridges can also be added to increase the number of users to certain hangar work areas. Our positioning bridge aircraft hangar system will support the growth and changes in your business without compromising safety or productivity.

Aircraft Positioning Bridge


The Positioning Bridge System can be positioned over a new work location or simply stored away until the next project. It is easy to position, easy to use, and easy to store.

Aircraft Positioning Bridge


The user is able to move freely on top of the work area because the fall arrest SRL is positioned by the moving trolley, allowing the user hands free operation for maximum productivity. The system can be positioned over a new work location or simply stored away until the next project.

Fixed Overhead System


The positioning bridge system has been in operation in many industrial applications such as maintenance bays and assembly shops. The ability to position the fall protection system directly above the user at any point in the work area and relocating when not required gives businesses the flexibility to use fall protection to enhance production.

Aluminum Rigid Track System (ART)


Foreign Object Debris (FOD) and maintenance costs are reduced using strong aluminum structures. Painting and decoration are optional and do affect the structure.



Handle parts with ease; Mounting can be customized; Excessive hardware is removed



Single Tracks can be used for up to 20 feet between supports; Dual Tracks can be used for up to 40 feet between supports

Overhead Positioning Bridge - System Components Positioning Bridge: The bridge can be easily moved and positioned anywhere above your work area promoting safety & productivity.
Runway Track: The rigid track provides an overhead means of support for the positioning bridge. This track runs the desired length to allow the user to have access to the work area.
Connecting Means: A trolley that is designed to glide over the rigid or cable horizontal lifeline system. This feature keeps the fall arrest system directly above the user to reduce the chances of a swing fall.
Fall Arrest Device: The self-retracting lifeline is utilized to reduce the arresting forces of the fall on the user and minimize the fall distance.
Full Body Harness: Only a full body harness can be used in a fall arrest system such as the freestanding fall protection system. The harness reduces the forces of the fall on the body and also keeps the user in an upright position when properly worn.
Parallel to Work Platform Perpendicular to Work Platform
Aircraft Hangar Overhead Systems - Parallel Application View Aircraft Hangar Overhead Systems - Perpendicular Application View

The layout of your existing structure will define how the fall protection system will get anchored from your overhead building structure. Below are two illustrations showing Parallel and Perpendicular layouts along with information that will help us understand and put together a proposal for you. Do not hesitate to call us if you have any questions concerning the layouts described below.

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