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Outdoor Freestanding

Bus / Truck / Railcar / Earth Mover
Outdoor Freestanding for Truck
Outdoor freestanding systems provide OSHA compliant fall protection coverage. Custom engineered fall arrest anchors along with horizontal lifelines provide safety coverage for your desired span. Our OSHA and MSHA compliant outdoor freestanding system are designed to provide safety with consideration to your loading operation needs.
Learn more about how we can enhance the safety of your outdoor loading safety operation.

Fall Protection Challenge

Users who work on top of earth movers, buses, equipment, trucks and railcars, often outdoors with no overhead structure. External factors like wind and rain further compound the fall hazard faced by these workers. With no overhead structure to anchor a fall protection system and a busy loading or work area an experienced partner in fall protection is a must.

Fall Protection Solution

CAI Safety Systems offers custom freestanding anchor that can support a Fall Arrest System that will provide the extent of coverage you need with minimal interference to your other loading or work operations. Our freestanding anchors and horizontal lifelines meet OSHA, ANSI and MSHA fall protection requirements.

Features & Benefits
Outdoor Freestanding for Truck


CAI’s freestanding fall protection system is supported from concrete piers. This engineered approach gives you the option of having an outdoor fall arrest system that supports your loading  needs.

Outdoor Freestanding Railcar System


Our aluminum truck track has many benefits such as robust construction, light weight and endurance in the outdoor elements. The other major benefit is the long spans we can run between supports. For example we can support a sixty foot track with one anchor, this translates to fewer anchors and footings to the benefit of your bottom line.

Outdoor Freestanding Railcar System


To reduce field assembly time, our products are shipped fabricated with detailed assembly instructions. Assembly comprises of steel erection with bolting and clamping of the major components.

Outdoor Freestanding for Truck


We have an in-house team to engineer and manufacture the freestanding fall arrest system. This means we can monitor the QA and QC throughout the process to make sure the product delivered to your doorstep is safe and meets your specification needs.

Choices for an Outdoor Freestanding System

A fall protection expert will guide you in the proper selections of the anchor, horizontal lifeline and custom features to make sure that you have the right fall protection system for your needs.

Outdoor Freestanding Railcar System
Outdoor Freestanding for Truck


We offer fall arrest anchors to cover everything from a single hatch tanker truck or railcar up to a forty foot flatbed truck or several hundred feet of hopper railcars.

Outdoor Freestanding Railcar System
Outdoor Freestanding for Truck


Our anchors can be customized to support one application or two applications in parallel. We can configure the fall protection system to work within your space restriction to provide an effective safety system.

Single Hatch Access Platform with Gangway
Platforms & Gangways


We can retrofit our anchors to support a staircase with platform and gangway to provide safe passage to the top of the work area. By integrating the method of access and fall protection with our freestanding fall protection system we save you space and money.

Overhead Outdoor Freestanding System Fall Arrest Anchor: The freestanding anchor provides an overhead means of tie-off to reduce the chances of a swing fall and fall distance.
Retrieval System: Safety starts at the ground level. Our pulley retrieval system allows the user to access the fall arrest system before even attempting to climb the vehicle or equipment that is going to be worked on.
Horizontal Lifeline: This is a rigid track or stainless steel cable lifeline that runs the desired length to allow the user to have access to the work area.
Connecting Means: A trolley that is designed to glide over the rigid or cable horizontal lifeline system. This feature keeps the fall arrest system directly above the user to reduce the chances of a swing fall.
Fall Arrest Device: The self-retracting lifeline is utilized to reduce the arresting forces of the fall on the user and minimize the fall distance.
Full Body Harness: Only a full body harness can be used in a fall arrest system such as the freestanding fall protection system. The harness reduces the forces of the fall on the body and also keeps the user in an upright position when properly worn.

We offer standard models to handle most outdoor fall protection applications as described in the table below. Custom models are also available just contact us and let us quote you a system to meet your needs.

Single Systems (L-Shaped):

Outdoor Freestanding L-Shaped - Reference Chart Model Numbers Coverage Ideal Applications Drawings
CA111760 5 feet Single hatch tanker truck or railcar drawing coming soon
CA111761 20 feet Multiple hatch tanker drawing coming soon
CA111762 40 feet Flatbed truck or railcar drawing coming soon
CA111763 50 feet 50 foot trailer truck drawing coming soon
CA111764 70 feet Hopper railcar icon


Dual Systems (T-Shaped):

Outdoor Freestanding T-Shaped - Reference Chart Model Numbers Coverage Ideal Applications Drawings
CA111765 5 feet Single hatch tanker truck or railcar drawing coming soon
CA111766 20 feet Multiple hatch tanker drawing coming soon
CA111767 40 feet Flatbed truck or railcar drawing coming soon
CA111768 50 feet 50 foot trailer truck drawing coming soon
CA111769 70 feet Hopper railcar icon
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