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Fixed Overhead System

Trucks, Buses, Railcars & More!
Bus Fixed Overhead System

Fixed Overhead systems provide fall protection that is safe and saves floor space. Custom engineered horizontal lifelines provide continuous fall arrest coverage for assembly and maintenance applications.


Our OSHA and ANSI compliant fixed overhead fall protection systems are designed to support productivity and safety.

Fall Protection Challenge

Installing a floor mounted fall protection system that will infringe on shop space is not always practical. On the other hand protecting employees working at heights is not just the law it is also the right thing to do.

Fall Protection Solution

CAI Safety Systems will provide a custom overhead fall arrest systems that gives you the safety coverage you need with no impact on your floor space. Our overhead horizontal lifeline systems are OSHA and ANSI compliant and field tested.

Features & Benefits
Bus Bay Mounted Systems


Our engineering team will design a system that utilizes your building structure to anchor the fall protection system. All drawings and design calculations will be stamped by a Professional Engineer and Qualified person as required by OSHA.

Rigid Rail Systems


Our Overhead Building Mounted Systems are shipped fabricated. Field assembly consists of simple bolting and clamping to the existing building structure. A quick install reduces the downtime to your production area.

Outdoor Freestanding for Truck


Our fixed overhead fall arrest systems will meet OSHA regulations and ANSI standards. What this means is the system is engineered by a qualified person, the components are compatible, and we provide training and inspection services.

Bus Bay Mounted Systems


One of the major benefits of a fixed overhead fall protection system is preserving floor space. A floor mount system introduces challenges such as obstructions hazards that can cause injury or reduce productivity. A fixed overhead system is out of your way but available when fall protection is necessary.

Bus Bay Mounted Systems


CAI offers both cable and rigid rail horizontal lifelines for your overhead system options. We assess your application and provide you with the pros and cons for each type of fall arrest system.

Outdoor freestanding fall arrest anchor systems


CAI can offer you both cable and rigid rail horizontal lifelines for your fall protection needs. We can assess your application and provide you with the pros and cons for each type of system.

The fixed overhead fall protection system has been utilized for many different applications over the years. Here is the summary of some of the fall hazards that we overcame with the fixed overhead system:


For indoor bus bays that require employees to work on engines or other or other equipment located at roof level a hazard is created.


To secure tarps on top flatbed trailers, or sample product from tankers or perform maintenance work on waste trucks we have used the Fixed Overhead System to resolve fall arrest needs.


Hoper cars that require continuous fall protection coverage over several cars or coverage to access the hatch for a tanker car.


A custom fixed overhead system to access specific areas of the shop floor where employees need to work at heights to complete the production process.



CAI's fixed overhead systems are MSHA Compliant and ideal for safely accessing the top of large earth moving equipment.


Contact us to find out if the Fixed Overhead System is right for your application.

Fixed Overhead System Fall Arrest Horizontal Lifeline: The rigid track or cable Horizontal Lifeline provides an overhead means of tie-off to reduce the chances of a swing fall and fall distance. This lifeline runs the desired length to allow the user to have access to the work area.
Retrieval System: Safety starts at the ground level. Our pulley retrieval system allows the user to access the fall arrest system before even attempting to climb the vehicle or equipment that is going to be worked on.
Connecting Means: A trolley that is designed to glide over the rigid or cable horizontal lifeline system. This feature keeps the fall arrest system directly above the user to reduce the chances of a swing fall.
Fall Arrest Device: The self-retracting lifeline is utilized to reduce the arresting forces of the fall on the user and minimize the fall distance.
Full Body Harness: Only a full body harness can be used in a fall arrest system such as the freestanding fall protection system. The harness reduces the forces of the fall on the body and also keeps the user in an upright position when properly worn.
Parallel to Work Platform Perpendicular to Work Platform
Fixed Overhead System - Parallel Application View Fixed Overhead System - Perpendicular Application View

The layout of your existing structure will define how the fall protection system will get anchored from your overhead building structure. Below are two illustrations showing a Parallel and perpendicular layouts along with information that will help us understand and put together a proposal for you. Do not hesitate to call us if you have any questions concerning the layouts described below.

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