• ENCLOSED PLATFORM Dual Safety Ladder with Enclosed Work Platform

    The Dual Ladders are available in Standard and Compact models. The standard model features a substantial work platform area of 18"X 22" with a built in safety net to prevent tools from falling off the work platform. The compact model is makes it ideal for an operator to access constricted areas.

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  • ADAPTIVE Adaptive Step Ladder with Workstation (Fiberglass)

    The Adaptive Step Ladder provides a comfortable standing platform that offers heel-to-toe foot support at the top step. The ladder is equipped with a workstation with handrail to provide extra stability and eliminate feelings of vertigo while standing at the top of the ladder.

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  • EXTENSION Extension Ladder with Wide-stance Base

    Our Extension Ladder are engineered to eliminate common mistakes when using a ladder for everyday work projects. Simple but effective features are built in to make the ladder more stable by 600%, visual aids allow you to quickly determine the ladder is level and safe for use.

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  • STEPLADDER Industrial StepLadder's

    Our Industrial Stepladder's is constructed from high strength, lightweight aerospace-grade aluminum; the slip-resistant steps give you support, comfort and stability. The ladders can be easily open and closed with one hand. The compact storage depth will allow you to store with minimal effort.

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Additional Information about Portable Ladder Safety

Many a time, you take the ladder for granted. It is such a common tool that is used by many on a daily basis, both at home and at the workplace. Most of the time, ladder safety does not get any consideration. The fact is, hundreds of people get seriously injured or even die as a result of falls from ladders. There are many reasons why a worker may fall from a ladder, maybe the worker chose the wrong type of ladder for the job or maybe the ladder was not set up correctly or maybe the ladder was damaged. A ladder shift, as well as an unexpected ladder slip, can cause the worker to fall as well. Ladder safety is something that has to be taken seriously. More workers have injured themselves from ladder falls than falls from any other elevated surfaces.

The main advantage of a portable ladder is that it is portable! The workers can take it anywhere they want. They do not have to wait around for any alternative method to access an elevated platform. This saves time, which helps to increase productivity.

OSHA mandates that a portable ladder has the ability to sustain 4 times the maximum intended load. The steps, cleats, and the rungs of the portable ladder be spaced not less than ten inches apart and not more than fourteen inches apart. The steps and rungs be coated with a material that is skid-resistant. There are many other requirements, for more information, you can visit OSHA's website. By choosing an OSHA-compliant ladder for your workplace, as well as for your home, you will not only ensure safety but also save yourself from any personal injury lawsuits.

A portable ladder with enclosed platform can make your work easier. If there is no platform, you will have to tie yourself to an anchor point with a safety cable. This will restrict your movements, and thus affect your productivity. However, when you are working from an enclosed platform, you will be able to work freely, and safely. A standard model is ideal if you need space to move around. A compact model is ideal for working in constricted areas. A safety net prevents tools from falling down.

Dual ladders, adaptive step ladders, extension ladders, and industrial step ladders are the type of ladders offered by CAI Safety Systems.

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