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Aluminum Guardrails

for Rooftops & Leading Edges
Aluminum Non-penetrating Guardrails

There are many challenges when designing guardrails: the system should accommodate different roof shapes, must not spoil the buildings aesthetics or cause damage to the roof structure, and yet be strong, reliable and safe. Our Aluminum Non-penetrating Guardrail Systems meet all of these challenges and more.


The aluminum guardrail system complies with OSHA and ANSI standards for a passive fall protection system. Available in straight or curved shape to provide safety and an attractive architectural design for your roof leading edges.

Fall Protection Challenge

When you need a fall protection system to protect roof leading edges and openings a fixed guardrail system may not be an option. Fixed systems require roof penetrations that are expensive to waterproof and do increase the possibility of future roof leaks.

Fall Protection Solution

A non-penetrating aluminum guardrail system will allow you to implement a passive fall protection system without roof penetrations. In addition the system can be cut and fitted onsite without the use of special tools for a custom finish.

Features & Benefits
Aluminum Non-penetrating Guardrails


Our Aluminum Non-penetrating Guardrails are designed to prevent damage to your roof structure. The guardrail system is freestanding and installation can be accomplished without making any surface penetrations.

Aluminum Non-penetrating Guardrails


Our guardrails are made of aluminum with stainless hardware which fully protects them against the elements and the risk of corrosion. It also gives them an extremely long lifespan.

Aluminum Non-penetrating Guardrails


All of the guardrail posts are joined together as one system by the top and mid rail tubing providing the peace of mind that comes with permanent, reliable and stable fall protection.

Aluminum Non-penetrating Guardrails - Slope


The Aluminum Non-penetrating Guardrails can be installed on various types of roofs, working platforms and technical terraces with slopes between 0° and 10°. Suitable for almost all floor types call us for any questions regarding compatibility with your fall prevention application.

Aluminum Non-penetrating Guardrails


Unlike conventional guardrail systems which come in pre-cut lengths the aluminum non-penetrating guardrail system allow you to cut the aluminum tubes onsite to get a field fitted product.

Aluminum Non-penetrating Guardrails


Installing our aluminum non-penetrating guardrail systems could not be easier. It takes little effort and hardly any time. The main components simply click into place and the rest can be installed using standard tools. The freestanding design also means there is no need to fix rails to the roof.

Types of Aluminum Guardrails


Our classic straight guardrails can be installed on almost any type of surface. Our straight guardrail is also available as a folding version for minimal visibility.



Our curved guardrails keep people away from the roof edge - for maximum safety. And, their trendy design accentuates the architecture of the building.



Our folding guardrails are the same as our straight guardrail systems but collapsible. The impact on the appearance of your building is minimized and your guardrail is visible only when it is needed.

Aluminum Guardrails - Components
The Aluminum Guardrail System comprises of:

  • Weighted Bases
  • Outriggers
  • Uprights
  • Top-rail
  • Midrail

Parameters of Use

  • As part of the Aluminum Guardrail system, the Uprights have to be placed at a recommended distance of 8 feet (2.44 meters) apart.
  • Maximum slope of roof or surface is 10° (degrees).
  • An additional counterweight must be placed on the current
    counterweight at the free ends.

Adding Toeboards

The Aluminum Guardrail Toeboard is necessary when there is no parapet on the roof. The Toeboard can be installed by clicking it onto the Toeboard Bracket and tightening it with a screw.
Aluminum Guardrails Toeboard

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