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Non-penetrating Guardrails

Roofs / Loading Dock / Bay
Steel Non-Penetrating Guardrail
Steel Guardrails

Our system of Steel Non-penetrating Guardrails enables fall protection without penetrating floors and roof surface to secure guardrail. When properly applied the counterweight system provides an OSHA compliant fall prevention system for the roof edge, skylight, hatch, loading dock, mezzanine, elevated platform and construction site safety.

Aluminum Non-Penetrating Guardrail
Aluminum Guardrails

There are many challenges when designing guardrails: the system should accommodate different roof shapes, must not spoil the buildings aesthetics or cause damage to the roof structure, and yet be strong, reliable and safe. Our Aluminum Non-penetrating Guardrail Systems meet all of these challenges and more!

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OSHA-compliant guardrails for mezzanine, loading dock, roof edge, skylight and hatch fall protection. The non-penetrating design allows for installation without making any holes to the floor mounting surface saving time and money, while still being safe. In addition, our steel and aluminum guardrails can be applied to a wide number of different roof shapes and sizes.

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