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Guardrail Fall Prevention Systems

Roofs / Loading Dock / Pits
Roof Guardrails
Non-penetrating Guardrails
The non-penetrating design allows for installation without making any holes to the floor mounting surface saving time and money, while still being safe. In addition, our steel and aluminum guardrails can be applied to a wide number of different roof shapes and sizes.
Cantilever Gates
Fixed Mounted Guardrails
CAI Safety Systems offers permanent safety guardrails for fall protection and comes in many shapes and sizes to address worksite needs. Our Fixed Mounted Guardrails with Brackets offer the customer choices in length, finish, and mounting options.
Portable Cable Guardrail
Portable Cable Guardrail
The cable guardrail system is safely installed on flat, parapet or overhanging roofs. Simply clamp anchors to parapet or overhanging roof braces ideal for temporary use.
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OSHA compliant non-penetrating and fixed guardrail systems are ideal for long-term fall prevention around roof edges, skylights, hatches, loading docks, mezzanines, elevated platforms and construction site safety. These systems are offered in selections, such as non-penetrating, fixed and portable, to fit your passive fall protection system needs. Aesthetics are enhanced with finishes ranging from aluminum to powder-coated colors and fold down collapsible option for highly visible locations.

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