Working on a transformer?

Working on a transformer?

Roof Horizontal LifelineWorker safety should be given priority status in any project that involves working at or from considerable heights, for example on a transformer. Even simple slip and fall accidents can assume drastic proportions when the worker is engaged in carrying out repairs or installations a good distance from the ground. When the work is being done at high risk locations like transformers, there is a dual risk of electrical shock causing a fall which results in injuries. Irrespective of whether the worker impacts with the ground or with other objects during the fall, the injuries sustained can be really severe.

OSHA takes a serious view of situations where workers are allowed to work at heights over 10 feet without adequate fall protection anchor systems. Recently, OSHA officials have levied a fine of over $135,000 against a construction company that had workers on a house project, engaged in work at a height without fall protection.

The need to address more electric shock risk

The first risk that comes to mind when repairs or other work needs to be done atop a transformer is that of electric shock. However, it is equally important to think about the height at which the work needs to be done. Investing in the right fall arrest equipment can potentially save lives, prevent or minimize injuries and help the workers go about their job with greater freedom and confidence.

Providing the right kind of fall protection anchor systems indicates that you are a responsible employer, concerned for the safety of your employees. It’s a simple way to show your work force that they are a valuable asset to your business- knowledge that is sure to keep them motivated and happy about working for you.

The best fall arrest system for transformers

Railcar Portable Vacuum AnchorThere are a number of different fall arrest anchors used in various environments but when it comes to transformers the one significant aspect to consider is that the protection system should be compact and lightweight enough to be transported to the top with ease. The Portable vacuum anchor fits the bill perfectly. OSHA complaint as it is, this anchor ensures that there is no risk of having fines imposed for not providing adequate fall protection to workers.

This fall arrest anchor is a self contained product that does not need and electrical connections to affix it firmly to the transformer surface. All it needs is a compressed air bottle and the anchor is fixed with no wires or lines presenting a ‘trip- over’ risk. Since it can mounted both vertically and horizontally, this anchor is useful irrespective of where the repair or other work needs to be carried out on the transformer. The rubber seals are made with EPDM, meaning that these fall protection anchors can be used in bad weather conditions with perfect safety. They affix onto the non- porous surface securely without causing damage to the former, making these a good choice for almost any situation where work is being carried out at a height.

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