Roof Hatches

Roof Hatch SafetyA roof hatch offers safe access to roof areas for workers engaged in HVAC equipment maintenance works, renovation works, and so on. Most of the non-residential buildings are equipped with a roof hatch safety system. A typical roof hatch safety system comprises of grab bars and a self-closing safety gate. An open roof hatch, especially one that is unattended, can be dangerous. It is a fall hazard that can cause injury or even death. It is a safety and liability concern that all the building owners must address. If a roof hatch safety system is not in place, it can result in a fine from OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration).

Working on the roof itself can be dangerous. You may think that as long as the worker looks where he/she is going, there is no risk of falling through the roof hatch. However, in reality, that is not the case. No matter how careful you are, there is always the possibility of falling down a roof hatch, maybe while you are carrying something around or by losing balance suddenly. A roof hatch safety guardrail will help to prevent this.

Compliance options

Roof Hatch SafetyThere are a number of ways the building owners can ensure compliance with OSHA fall protection standards when it comes to roof hatches. They can instruct the workers to immediately close the hatch after accessing the roof, and then open it only to exit the area. However, it is not a very practical option since they cannot enforce all the building personnel to do this. Also, it is difficult to check whether this is followed religiously. Hence, a railing system with its own self-closing gate is the best option. Once a worker enters the roof area or exits it, the gate will automatically swing shut. This and the railings will maintain a barrier around the opening, all the time. This will prevent anybody from falling down the roof hatch accidentally. The grab bars offer extra safety while entering and exiting through the roof hatch.

Roof Hatch Fixed Guardrail

Like the name indicates, it is a permanent roof hatch guardrail system. It can be used on a variety of roofs. It provides fall arrest and fall restraint around openings and leading edges of the roof. It is preferred on a lot of modern buildings because of its stylish appearance. It can be bolted to the roof with a gasket connection. It can be easily installed. The system meets the OSHA standard 1910.23 (a) (2). Once the system is installed you do not have to worry about it anymore.

Roof Non-penetrating Hatch Guard

Hatch penetrations or roof curbs are not required to install this safety system. It is a one-piece design, hence it does not have to be assembled. It can be installed with minimal efforts. The non-penetrating roof hatch system can be installed without performing any drilling on the roof. It has a 2-feet safe landing zone. A worker can climb out, gain footing, and then open the safety gate.

Most of the modern day hatches and the safety guardrails are constructed out of corrosion-resistant and long-lasting materials. A hot-dip galvanized finish can ensure durability no matter what the outdoor environment is.

With a roof hatch safety system, a building owner can provide safety of workers working around open hatches.

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