Businesses that provide service to trucks and railcars have a certain level of risk. Trucks and railcars are big – their size and height can make servicing and maintaining them difficult. It can also make it unsafe. Employers must provide their employees with fall protection, such as providing a secure, solid gangway. A gangway provides a safe method for an employee to reach the appropriate height and to perform any work on the truck or railcar. Employees do not have to fear falling when they are on a sturdy, stable platform, such as the one of a gangway.

Here at CAI Safety Systems, we offer various gangways, as well as other forms of fall protection. We want to help you, the business owner, adhere to the rules and regulations of OSHA. Not only will this prevent you from facing fines and other disciplinary actions, it will also ensure the safety and protection of your employees. Contact us, today, to learn more about our gangways.