The main advantage of a mezzanine floor is that it helps to increase the floor space/storage space of a company/factory significantly, in a very cost-effective way. It can be constructed quickly, and there is no need for a full planning permission as well. However, when you are planning a mezzanine floor, you need to ensure that it meets the safety regulations. Installing fall protection guardrails and toe boards at the edge of the mezzanine floor will ensure the safety of the workers accessing the floor.

OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration)-compliant mezzanine gates provide for the complete enclosure of the mezzanine floor. This helps to add to the safety of the workers. Also, a mezzanine safety gate allows for the easy fork-lifting of materials from a lower platform to a higher one. A mezzanine safety gate can be customized for automatic or manual operations.

Horizontal mezzanine safety gate

Horizontal Mezzanine Safety GatesThe 42-inch safety gate, with a 4-inch toe board, and a mid-rail, is ideal, for an area where the vertical clearance space is limited. It can be set up for manual or automatic operation. Available are options such as wireless control, activation sensors, and warning horn. If you choose the automatic operation, the gate will be closed automatically after the products have been delivered to the mezzanine. A timer or an activation device is used for this purpose. Horizontal mezzanine safety gates are ideal for warehousing, pallet racking, and packaging and picking areas. Stainless steel finish and the powder coat safety yellow protect the gate from corrosion.

Vertical mezzanine safety gate

Vertical Mezzanine Safety GatesThis 42-inch safety gate, with a 4-inch toe board, and a mid-rail, is ideal, for an area where the horizontal clearance space is limited. Sliding the gate up and down is pretty easy via manual operation. If you opt for the automatic operation, it works pretty much the same way the horizontal mezzanine safety gate works. The gate will automatically open for the fork-lifted product to be stored in the mezzanine and then closes automatically as well. Automatic operation ensures that the gate will be closed once the operation is completed. The vertical mezzanine safety gate is also available in pneumatic with electrical activation/full pneumatic as well.

Dual mezzanine safety gate

Mini Dual Mezzanine GateA dual mezzanine safety gate provides increased safety. One of the doors will always be closed to ensure complete fall protection. When the outer gate is opened to receive the products, the inner gate will remain closed. When the inner gate opens to transfer the products from the loading area to the inner area, the outer gate will close automatically.

  • The ‘Mini’ dual mezzanine safety gate provides a 60×60-inch loading area. The operator will be able to open the gate from a safe distance. Any worker on the mezzanine will always be held back 5-inches from the edge at any given time.
  • The ‘Mega’ dual mezzanine safety gate offers protection simultaneously on single or multiple pallet loading areas. The gate system is counterbalanced, this significantly helps to reduce operator error.

Self-closing mezzanine safety gate

Pallet Self Closing Safety GateThis two-paired gate features stainless steel torsion springs and high impact bumpers. The operator can just push the product through without the help of anyone else. The gate will close itself as soon as the product is through. On top, there is a horizontal crossbar. It provides stability to the whole structure, as well as act as a visual barrier.

Selecting the correct mezzanine safety gate will allow you to keep your personnel safe and also make your operation more efficient. Safety and productivity are not mutually exclusive they can actually complement each other when a well thought out plan is executed.

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