Fall Protection Safety Training

Fall protection turnkey services include site survey and assessment, design and engineering, fall protection equipment manufacturing (custom) and its installation, and safety training. The complete program is OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and ANSI (American National Standards Institute) compliant. The program is designed in such a way that it will not affect the job productivity of the employees. Also, the safety equipment will not only provide safety but will also allow the workers to work without making any compromise. Levitra 10

The program is available for various sectors, such as manufacturing, energy, construction, chemical, transportation, entertainment, mining, aerospace, and much more. The major advantage of having an in-house turnkey fall protection program is that you will be able to ensure quality and consistency in all your projects.

Site analysis

DSCF7213This is the first step in the program. It forms the basis for a suitable fall protection program. An on-site visit will be conducted based on the requirement. The structures will be studied, and documented. Workers will be consulted to understand in-depth about any potential fall hazards. Once the analysis is completed, you will be given a report. It will contain all the challenges that should be met to ensure a safe work environment for the workers. You will also be given the estimated cost for the whole program, including design, manufacturing, installation, and training.

Custom Engineering

DCP_4444The fall protection systems will not only be designed to take into account the system hardware and the loads on the structure of the building but also in such a way as to minimize the impact on the body when arresting a fall. Once the design phase is complete, the safety equipment will be custom built, ensuring that the OSHA and ANSI requirements are met. Strict quality inspections are conducted to make sure that the equipment are without any faults, and only then will they leave the factory.


Site Installation of your Fall Protection SystemMost of the safety equipment have to be installed in the production area. This may affect the productivity. In order to minimize any impact on productivity, the installation timing will be coordinated with the management. That is, the management will be consulted on when the safety system could be installed. The management will be able to provide a time when the productivity will be less impacted. Also, most of the major parts are assembled and then transported to your factory. This will save them time as well.

Safety training

3No matter how efficient the safety equipment are, if proper training is not provided to the workers on how to use them, they may not be that effective. In the turn-key approach, training is an indispensable part. Fall-and-rescue simulations, hands-on training sessions, and so on are conducted at the site to teach the workers how to use the safety systems. Once the workers are adept at working the safety systems, they will be able to work with confidence. Again, the safety training timing will also be coordinated with the management so that the production time will not be affected.

The program also includes helping your company in obtaining the OSHA and ANSI certification for your system.

When your line of work involves a risk for falling, you have an obligation to your employees to keep them safe. Fall safety is an essential part of any high-risk industry, not only for safety, but also for OSHA compliance. Failure to comply can lead to severe consequences, including enormous fines and even the shutdown of your business. As you learn more about fall safety systems, keep the following in mind:

  • Choose a safety system manufacturer you can trust. The last thing you want to do is entrust the safety of your employees with mediocre equipment.
  • Review and research manufacturers before making your choice. Read not only consumer reviews, but also all expert evaluations of the company. Reputation is important in the fall safety industry.
  • Find a manufacturer that offers training for their systems. We always offer training programs for our safety systems. Our training is not only for your employees, but also to educate your own trainers for future reference.

Businesses that provide service to trucks and railcars have a certain level of risk. Trucks and railcars are big – their size and height can make servicing and maintaining them difficult. It can also make it unsafe. Employers must provide their employees with fall protection, such as providing a secure, solid gangway. A gangway provides a safe method for an employee to reach the appropriate height and to perform any work on the truck or railcar. Employees do not have to fear falling when they are on a sturdy, stable platform, such as the one of a gangway.

Here at CAI Safety Systems, we offer various gangways, as well as other forms of fall protection. We want to help you, the business owner, adhere to the rules and regulations of OSHA. Not only will this prevent you from facing fines and other disciplinary actions, it will also ensure the safety and protection of your employees. Contact us, today, to learn more about our gangways.